Friday 27 April 2007

The Jimmy Cake - Brains (2001)

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Live, this 9 piece Irish Instrumental band "The Jimmy Cake" always rode the crest of a wave, brilliant, epic, euphoric but you never knew if each song would collapse into an noisy messy abrupt end. But that was always part of charm of a the Jimmy Cake gig. The ramshackle affair of having 9 musicians on the same surf board on a 60 foot wave.
Their debut is a bona fide classic in my eyes, up there with Godspeed's f♯a♯∞ and after a 2year hiatus they are back and i was luck to see them play a secret(ish) gig last November, where they unleash two new songs to the world. So here's hoping for the future and enjoy their 1st and best album so far.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I've been instructed to start this comment saying "I was Googling my own bandname when...", but I've dacided to just say that we're mixing the next album right-now-this-second, and it'll be out in September. So there! Paul Jimmy Cake.

cletus_buckley said...

PCS gets it's 1st "Scoop". I feel like Danny deVito in L.A. Confidential. Great news and can't wait. One of the new songs (The number with the accordian player joining you on the keyboard) might be one of the greatest Jimmy Cake song written. So heres to the future.

Paul said...

Thursday 23 August.
Crawdaddy. 8pm.

smur89 said...

i was actually looking for "dublin gone, everybody dead" when i stumbled across this blog. and my, what a gem it is!

also downloaded the other irish stuff you have.

check out mine if you have the time, im shutting it down soon enough.