Thursday 3 February 2011

Princess Dies & Light Asylum
Princess DIES; a great cosmic abrasions group consisting of Bruno Coviello (Light Asylum) and Ashby Lee Collinson. Less Yazoo steeped dark pop drones than Coviello's other exceptional group but equally as engaging.

Heart Belongs by Princess Dies by ashbycollinson
Reptilian by Princess Dies by ashbycollinson

Light Asylum

Ital - Ital's Theme

Slick disco solo project for Mi Ami's Daniel Martin-McCormic. "Ital's Theme" single is Ital and indeed the first release out on Amanda Brown's (LA Vampires / Pocahaunted) new weirdo dance 12" single label; 100% Silk.

Wednesday 2 February 2011

New Peaking Lights

New grooves from two piece Peaking Lights. "All The Sun That Shines" is "positive dub", fun and crispier sounding compared to their debut LP on Night People Records,

Their second album "936" is out today on Not Not Fun and hopefully it lives up to their debut album whch was one of favourite albums of 09'.
Also there is a really great, insightful video Peaking Lights on VBS. which shows how they creating their spaced out sounds circuit bending toy keyboards,fm radios, broken pedals and whatever Aaron can find in thrift stores.