Saturday 30 October 2010

Monday 25 October 2010

Re Up - "Hallowing" Mixtape

Photo: Diane Arbus
I was Listening to this again recently and it's jolly well good if I do say so myself.
A haunted collection of treat fun street grooves and trick doom shake disco hell.
Tracklisting and links after the jump.

Saturday 16 October 2010

Skinny Wolves Club Night Tonight

After a few years absence, tonight Skinny Wolves relaunch they lustrous club night at the Workmans Club on Wellington Quay. Opens at Ten and they is no door charge. Except to hear Neue Deutsche Welle, post punk and "Art rocking music to dance to". There's a taster.
Excessive Moonlight WOLF CLUB MIX by Skinny Wolves Club

Thursday 14 October 2010

Tonight, Naked On The Vague

Auzzie gothgarage no wavers Naked On The Vague graced these pages two years ago and now finally they will make their Irish live debut tonight with two Irish upstarts in tow, put on by the always reliable "Skinny Wolves".

Naked On The Vague - Treading Water.mp3

Monday 11 October 2010

Children Under Hoof - Skinny Wolves Mix

A mix I made for Skinny Wolves's ongoing mix series compiled by bands that are/ have played at their shows. I asked the four other members of Children Under Hoof to give me three songs each that reflected what they think influences their input into the Hoof's "sound". I spent Saturday mixing them together with some film and TV clips, slowed down vinyl rips and songs that get me all hot and bothered.


Rocky Road To Dublin - The Dubliners (Clip From The 68' Documentary, "Rocky Road To Dublin" Dir. Peter Lennon)
Flowers Of Romance (Vinyl Rip @33RPM) - PIL
Weight - Thread Pulls
Oscillations - Silver Apples
Geh Duschen - Malaria!
Glue Man - Fugazi
Omar K - Rainbow Arabia
Die Slow (Pictureplane Remix){Vinyl Rip @33RPM} - HEALTH
Interdependance Dance - Adrian Orange And Her Band
Banana Republic - Boomtown Rats (Clip From Reeling In The Years 1980)
Emerald - Thin Lizzy
Angels Standing Guard Round The Side Of Your Bed - Silver Mt. Zion (A Clip From 07' Film, Mister Lonely Dir Harmony Korine)
De-Orbit - Speedy J
Waiting For A Train - Flash & The Pan
Everyday - Buddy Holly (Clip From The 97' Film "Gummo" Dir. Harmony Korine)
It's You - P.J. Harvey
Turn The Heater On (Peel Sessions) - New Order {Keith Hudson cover}
Street Pharoah - Art Lord And The Self Portraits
C.I.E. Action Figures - Rollers/Sparkers
Mystic Prism - White Rainbow
Walking Blues - Son House

CHILDREN UNDER HOOF - MIX // October 2010 by SkinnyWolves

Download Children Under Hoof's A Collar Can Become A Noose mini LP Here

Children Under Hoof play the next Skinny Wolves show support Auzzie Gothgarage no wavers Naked On The Vague alone with Logikparty this Thursday in Whelans (Upstairs).

Tonight Thread Pulls,Thulebasen, Patrick Kelleher at Block T

After a three days around our wee island, the last show of the "Rhizomes Tour" happens today at Block T in Smithfield.

Not a great example of their "sound" but the video is unnervingly brilliant.

Thread Pulls // Thulebasen // Patrick Kelleher
Block T,
1-6 Haymarket,
Smithfield Square,
8 Euros

Friday 8 October 2010

The One, The Only Jan Terri

Illustration By Derek Erdman

Documentary about the original John Maus, Chicago's own Jan Terri. If your not already infatuated by her sincere pop charms have a gander at these pop promos. Even Yo La Tengo covered one of her songs.

Fax My Love.mp3

Irish Children's Tv Can Be Difficult To Present

I normally don't post up funny videos but this is too good not to share. I've watched it four or five times and I still haven't managed to watch it without crying with laughter.

Thursday 7 October 2010

Ilex - Four Song Set For SSTN

If you havent been paying attention to Holly McGowan aka Ilex's soundcloud, here are four great songs she culled together for the wonderful folks over at Second Square to None. Talks of a full length release have been broading of some time now, hopefully it will live up to the hype in my head for it anyways.

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Hunter-Gatherer‘s Père Lachaise/Undergrowth 7″ Launch Tomorrow Night

A new release dawns tomorrow from nightflight composer, Hunter-Gatherer after astonishing debut album. In musical support is, the exceptional and rarely seen live Ilex (I posted about her before here) and the of kilter R n B songstress, Meljoann. Providing the visual delights is one Tim Redfern and if thats not enough bang for your 7 bucks you get a free USB key with audio and video encoded inside.

See you in Whelans tomorrow.