Sunday 29 April 2007

Dixie Dirt - Springtime Is For The Hopeless And Other Ideas

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Back in 2002 I went to see Irish instrumentalist Martha Washington in Eamon Dorans. After the gig a young American came up to a friend of mine; who was in the band and gave him a list of bands he thought he might like. On the list was Can who I just got into. Anyway to cut a short story shorter the traveling American and I got talking and we exchanged cds we had on us. I gave him a dEUS mix I made and he gave me this; An 7 Track mini album of slowburning Americana. Akin to Sonic Youth doing Neil Young songs with Cat Power on vocals, nice indeed.
You can download this album for free at their website, which is also nice to see bands doing.

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any chance of re-uppping, please?