Thursday 28 June 2007

Blonde Redhead - Misery Is a Butterfly (2003)

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When I was doing my thesis last year, instead of working
I was on the big old tinterweb most of the time. I kept
coming across their name and always with 'Sonic Youth'
name mention with them. I found two songs to download
and I was hooked on her ethereal vocal and hypnotic
rhythms. On the day I was getting my thesis bond I
bought this album, even though the two songs I heard
were from two previous album. The cover just grabbed
me. It's like a still from an 70s Italian snuff film.
Great cover, great album.

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Sunday 24 June 2007

Solaris O.S.T. (2002)

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Composer Cliff Martinez was made a intimate and
hypnotic soundtrack awash with orchestral waves
that are interspersed with subdued steel-drum
rhythms. Great score from a underrated film.

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Wednesday 20 June 2007

Jermaine Jackson & DEVO - Let Me Tickle Your Fancy


Duffy's Devo Dittes (REPOST)

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21 Jun 2007 Vicar Street Dublin,
22 Jun 2007 Symphony Hall Birmingham,
23 Jun 2007 Apollo Manchester,
24 Jun 2007 Glasgow Academy Glasgow, Northwest,
26 Jun 2007 Shepherds Bush Empire London,
29 Jun 2007 Lazzaretto Bergamo,
30 Jun 2007 Fiera Della Musica Azzano Decima .
Enjoy the Mix.
01 That's Good
See Video Here
02 Gates Of Steel
03 Whip It
See Video Here
04 Big Mess
05 One Dumb Thing
06 Peek-A-Boo
See Video Here
07 Girl U Want
08 Freedom Of Choice
See Video Here
09 Snowball
10 Mr. B's Ballroom
11 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
See Video Here
12 Secret Agent Man
See Video Here
13 We're All Devo
14 Jocko Homo
See Video Here
14 Mongoloid

15 Come Back Jonee
See Video Here
16 Be Stiff
17 Uncontrollable Urge
18 Beautiful World
See Video Here
19 The Words Get Stuck In My Throat
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Beirut - The Lon Gisland Ep.(2006) & Pompeii Ep.(2007)REPOST

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He is playing Ireland this friday, Tripod, Dublin to be precise. So here is Pompeii Ep and The Lon Gisland Ep again. The Pompeii Ep contains two early tracks, both of which sound more Parisian Cafe than Gypsy Boogie but still pretty cool.
Here are the tour dates.
22 Jun 2007 Tripod Dublin,
24 Jun 2007 glastonbury festival Glastonbury,
26 Jun 2007 Koko London,
28 Jun 2007 malta festival Poznan,
30 Jun 2007 Radar Istanbul,
3 Jul 2007 Trabendo Paris,
5 Jul 2007 Postbahnhof Berlin,
8 Jul 2007 Roskilde Festival Copenhagen,
10 Jul 2007 Gagarin Open air Festival Athens.

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Sunday 17 June 2007

"Baby Was A Worldshaker" Mixtape

Photo By Bill Henson
A mixtape full with summery blissful electronica.
01 Yawny at the Apocalypse - Andrew Bird
Sometimes it's good to fall slowly in to a mood.
02 Neon - The Knife
I was pretty shocked the first time I heard that
trumpet come in. The Knife using live instruments, great.
03 Canoe Canoe - Populous
I got this track of a Morr Music sampler free with
the always dependable Foggy Notions Magazine.
It's the only mag I have every issue so far, and it's Irish.

04 Fragments - Autamata
A friend of mine nearly crashed his bike into a
parked car while cycling along to this track from
Irish man Ken McHugh. You have been warned
about it's hypnotic abilities.
05 Could You Be Loved (Instrumental) -
Third Eye Foundation

Back in 2001 a friend gave me a heap of cds free with
the NME he got off his cousin. From those cds I got into
Pavement, Hefner, Godspeed... and this, my first taste
of "Electronica". Still as good now as it was then.
06 In The Morning (Hot Chip Remix) - Junior Boys
More wavey pitch shifting courtesy from our men "Hot Chip".
Junior Boys played back in February, but I didn't like the album
that much. I swear it was the night after they played that the
penny dropped. Great record, great remix.
07 Eavesdropping (Simon Bookish Remix) - Grizzly Bear
Simon Bookish is "THE MAN".
08 Girl Toy - Boom Bip
My twin bother gave me this album a year and a half ago,
but it took me a year to eventually get around to listening to
it after I stumbled across Boom Bip on myspace one late night.
This was the track that made me locate the cd.
09 Summer Of Freedom (Edit) - Manual
Another Echoy guitar track a la Duritti Columns/Bhundu Boys.
10 Milton Road - Mice Parade
More guitar soundscape.
11 When We Danced - Yellotone
For some reason he's ditched the electronica.
Maybe because his first record is an unpraised gem.
If you haven't got it yet go here.

12 Stops - Nathan Fake
His album is a bit too similar to M83. But this is quality.
13 Lambic 9 Poetry - Squarepusher
I got this and the previous track off a mixtape made
for me for my birthday. The track washes over you like
waves of euphoria, each breath you come up more and more.
Truly amazing.
14 Cut Up Piano and Xylophone - Fridge
Another bliss out treasure from a band consisting of
Fourtet, Adem and Sam Jeffers. They are playing The Village,
Dublin on 16 Aug. Shouldn't be one not to miss.
15 Six Shooter Annex - Ellis Island Sound
Back in November 2005, I when to a record shop to see if they
got in the new Liars Album. No joy there, but on the tannoy
was the most blissed electronica that could cheer up anyone
on a wet November morn. I enquired who it was and since
it was on sale for a 5er I had to buy it. Being the only copy
in the shop, the guy had to take it out of the stereo,
I felt somewhat bad. Oh it's another album that can be got here.
16 Nostalgia - Tezeta
I think I want this played at my funeral. If you aint got
the record it's still up here.
17 Melissa Juice - Boards Of Canada
I bought Two-ism purely because of the cover but it
aint as good as "Music Has A Right To Children"
(Which also has an ace cover) but this track is great.

Total Time 1:18:26

Replace "??" with "tt".
Cheers and Good Luck.

Friday 15 June 2007

Smog - Accumulation: None (2002)

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A collection of songs previously found on b-sides of singles and eps.
It's the first Smog album I bought and still one of my favourites.
"I Break Horses" is one of my favourite songs of all time.
"A few well placed words, And her wondering heart is gone".
Ace and here is the video for the acoustic version of the song.

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Wednesday 13 June 2007

Vincent Gallo - When (2001)

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If you like the close analog tones of most of the tracks from
"Buffalo 66 OST" then chances are you will enjoy Vincent Gallo's
first proper album. The single, "Honey Bunny" (See Video)
is almost like a lullaby and it's simple melody get lodged in
your head for days. He really has produced a great record full of
rich warm guitar and lush, mournful vocals a la Jackson C. Frank, Lee Hazlewood.

Go Here to watch a live version of one of the instrumental track from the album.
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Monday 4 June 2007

"Summer Blues" Mixtape

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Cover By Atomtigerzoo
A Mixtape for traveling, to ebb away your bus seat blues.
01 Angeline - PJ Harvey
Adolescence escapism from Polly Jean.
02 Rain Dogs - Tom Waits
"Oh, how we danced with the Rose of Tralee.
Her long hair black as a raven,
Oh, how we danced and you
Whispered to me.
You'll never be going back home"
03 Yellow Brick Road - Captain Beefheart
I can't get enough of "Safe as Milk". This swampy ditty
has this great rhythm to it, perfect for driving.
04 Suzanne - Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions

"And she looks just like my sister
But she feels just like my man"
The start of the lush section of the mix a song from
ex-Massy Star singer.
05 Blood Bleeds - The Helio Sequence
Got this gem of one of those SUB POP samplers that comes
out every summer for 5 euros or so. Over the years those
compilations got me into "The Rapture, The Postal Service,
Iron And Wine, Band Of Horses and The Album Leaf" to name a few.
Well worth checking out.
06 Upward Over The Mountain - Iron And Wine
Lush 3 chord guitar with whispered lyrics. Simple and works every time.
Both albums Are super.
07 Hollow Log - Beck

Trad song of "One Foot In The Grave".
08 Day Old Blues - Kings Of Leon

Great "Woo Whos".
09 This Is The Way - Devendra Banhart
The first song of "Rejoicing in the Hands"
10 Bridges And Balloons - Joanna Newsom
This is the first song from "The Milk-Eyed Mender"
and has the same sound quality as the Devendra album.
I saw her back in 2004 supporting the newly reformed dEUS in Paris.
It was a revelation and when she ended me and my friend ran down
and bought her album straight away.
11 Allah Uya - Ali Farka Toure
First heard Ali Farka Toure out camping in the woods two years ago.
This is the song that made me take notice.
12 Limestone Archie - The Jimmy Cake
On their last Ep, they recorded a choir in a church doing a
reworking of 'Limestone Tiger' from the band's last album,
'Dublin Gone, Everybody Dead'. Spectacular.
13 Hit The Ground Running - Smog
Back on the road section. My girlfriend hates children
singing in songs, but I'm a real sucker for it.
14 Over The Hill - John Martin
I'm also a sucker for songs about going home.
15 Unknown Legend - Neil Young
This is the version from the unplugged album.
I've listened to this song far too much. The man can conjure
up great moods and images.
16 Sunshine - Sparklehorse
Taken for his second album, lush.
17 Fantino - Sebastian Tellier
Late night grooves from the "Lost In Translation" O.S.T.
18 Otis - The Duritti Columns
Another later night/early morning song from a soundtrack,
this time from "24 Hour Party People". The man sure loves
his Echo guitar sound and so do I.

19 Three Hours - Nick Drake
Music for the dawn. This is a longer and more bongo-y version
of this song, taken from a recent collection of rare recordings
found in someone's attic. The albums is called "Made to Love Magic".
Total Time 1:18:55 (Perfect for a CDR)
Good Luck And Enjoy
Download Summer Blues

Sunday 3 June 2007