Saturday 26 January 2008

"Hold Back The Dawn" Mixtape

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Painting : Oliver Comerford
Re-Re-up of "Hold Back The Dawn" Mixtape.
A mixtape for the wee hours. Contains 80s pop/post punk,
80s esque Pop/rock, Neue Deutsche Welle and analog melodies.

01 Sketch for Summer- The Durutti Column

The first song of his first album. Boy, he sure loves
his echoy guitar, and i do to.
02 Drugs In My Body - Thieves Like Us
A reworking of the previous song and the vid is a
reworking of the "heroes" scene in Christine F. film

03 Lovely Allen - Holy Fuck
The cover was enticing enough for me to get their EP.
This song is kraut-tastic.
04 Glorious - Captain
Great Pop rock with Trevor Horn productions. The vid can be
watched HERE.
05 You Got Me - Beta Or Vhs
More 80s throwback rock. They sound like "A Folk Of Seagulls"
fronted by Robert Smith. Vid viewable HERE .
06 Burning Up - Madonna
Of her first album, great stuff.

07 Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Love the intro.

08 Tender Object - Orange Juice

The greatest song Orange Juice ever recorded and it
wasn't even a bloody single.
09 (Ein Jahr) Es Geht Voran - Fehlfarben
More jangley 80s guitar this time from Düsseldorf's Fehlfarben.
10 Der Kommissar - Falco
From the man who brought us "Rock Me Amadeus".

11 Morning Sun - Al Murray
Got this from the soundtrack of "This Is Britian". Great film
and great song.

12 Goodbye Horses - Q. Lazzarus
Another soundtrack song, from "Married To The Mob" and
the Buffalo Bill dancing with his fella tucked behind his legs
scene in "Silence Of The Lambs". My new favourite song.
13 Windows - A Flock Of Seagulls
B side to Space Age Love Song, and what a b side it is.
14 In The City - Chromatics
Love this track, the metronome beat and lead vocal is
super sweet. Vid is viewable
15 You Make Me Like Charity - The Knife
One of my favourite Knife song. Go HERE for a live video.
16 The Past Is A Grotesque Animal - Of Montreal
Not sure about these boys, but this song is a deffinate highlight
on the album. The urgency of the music and vocals really won
me over.
17 By This River - Brian Eno
First heard this on a great German film called "The Son's Room".
18 Echo's Answer - Broadcast
Oh i love that sound.
19 Can You Hear the Rain, Love - Richard Hawley
Eno esque track of the "Late Night Tales" and no better way to
finish the mix.

Thats it.

Total Time: 1:18:52

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patricksaintpatrick said...

I was going to say i prefer the video of the after the fire version but no, I don't. and the laura whatshername can fuck off.

backfromthebeach said...

Thanks for reposting this compilation. I've really enjoyed all your mixtapes and appreciate the effort involved.

cletus_buckley said...

i should have a couple more mixs up before the end of the year. Next is "December Blues".

Anonymous said...

This is a really great mix, thanks so much for posting it. It sustains a lovely melancholy mood and, somehow, is also motivating for jogging.

- Eric

cletus_buckley said...

seaweed said...

i like what you are doing here!

cletus_buckley said...

cheers, really like some of your photos, the one with the moon and ryu's fireball are great.