Sunday 6 May 2007

"Silence Is A Rhythm Too"

Photo: Forty Foot, Summer 06
A Summer Mixtape full of Analog melodies, girly post punk and African rhythms.
01 Pagina Dos - Prefuse 73
Still one foot in dream land. This song is a reworking of a song by "The Books".
02 Little Eyes - Yo La Tengo
A song to wake up too.

03 Data Centre - Ellis Island Sounds
Perfect for spinning around in a field on a sunny day.
04 Hurricanes - Au Revoir Simone
Last summer I missed my flight back from Primavera and my ATM card wouldn't work over there, so I slept in the airport, then train station waiting for my flight back home. Still smelling of the day befores "trip" of a festival, This song kept my spirit up.
05 The Shy Retirer - Arab Strap
"You know i'm always moanin'
But you jumpstart my seratonin"
I think this is the last single by the no longer together "Arab Strap". But that a single to go out on.

06 Michael A Grammer - Broadcast
"...And if your feeling like your looking for that chance to let go, then let go..."
I don't think ill ever get sick of this; Bliss.
07 Space Age Love Song - A Flock Of Seagulls
Last Summer's Obsession.

08 Big Mess - Devo
They are doing their 1st European tour in 15 years this summer. I can't wait.
09 Over And Over - Hot Chip
You know the story of smelling repetition by now.
10 Hip Hop - Dead Prez
I've been humming this song to friends for months, trying to find out who the band was after seen the video one late night. Top notch stuff.

11 Headache For Michelle - Au Pairs
" Cos you're not a threat when you're out of your head"
Drug dirge from feminist Brummie post-punk band,Au Pairs. Definitely my favourite of theirs.
12 You're No Good - ESG
Another band I discovered at Primavera last summer. They since played Ireland, but we were left "high and dry" after only seeing the last 4 songs at the gig. But two hours after the show we met the bassist and backing singer. She gave us a copy of the new album straight from her bosom, which made up for missing most of the gig.
13 White Mice - Mo-dettes
This song from all female post punk band Mo-dettes stinks of party.
14 Invasion Party - Ninja High School
Spell it with me i.n.v.a.s.i.o.n.
15 Leaque Chicamos - Sebastian Tellier
Warming 80esque cheese for mad frenchman Tellier.
16 Born Under Punches - Talking Heads
My favourite Talking Heads song.

17 Ominous Clouds - Broadcast
Fairy-tale escapism of "Ha Ha Sounds".
18 Ocean - Richard Hawley
"Richard Hawley for Prime Minster".
19 Sunset Coming On - Mali Music

20 Good Times - Jim O'Rourke
The last track from the wonderful and underrated film "Love Liza".

Like all mixtape found here, it will fit perfectly on a CDR.
Good Luck and Enjoy

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Ryan said...

For months now, Pascal's Country Sounds has been my favorite blog. Each selection is further evidence of excellent taste. Thank you.
With love from Boston,

cletus_buckley said...

Thank you very much for your kind word.