Saturday 29 November 2008

Tomorrow Night

For more details go here and for a mixtape thingy by Papier Tigre go here.

Beach House

I crawled out of me sick bed on thursday to see Beach House for the first time, glad I did.

BEACH HOUSE - GILA [live] from Natalie van den Dungen on Vimeo.

Beach House - Gila.MP3
Beach House - Used To Be.MP3

Friday 28 November 2008

Photo Of The Day

Some colour slide film I finally got digitized.
a, arrow
the grotto in the getto (lady of fatima)
Robyn through misted window
the grotto in the getto (lady of fatima)

Anyone else hear the "fuck" in Coronation Street this evening, great stuff.

Saturday 22 November 2008

Turnpike Twilight Mixtape

A collection of arpeggiating night drive grooves.
01 Mort Garson And The Blobs - Son of Blob
The first song I ever heard on The Freak Zone on a very early wednesday morn tripping with Paul. A wonderful introduction to the only radioshow I listen to every week.
02 George Watts - Electric Man
More weirdo classic electro, this one from 81'. Thanks to No.1 in Belgium for this.
03 Thieves Like Us - Fass

B-side to "Drugs In My Body".
04 Truffle Club - Gone Blue
The Arpeggiating sweetness continues this time from this year and from a scot. The eathreal vocals flow over the bouncing keys locking you into its hypnotic waves.
05 Greg Vandike - Clone
Synth-pop gem from 79' with pretty much the same pulsating synth that 'Gone Blue' has. Miles better than any thing Numan ever did.
06 Andrew Weatherall - Feathers

One of the "Two Lone Swordsman" rocks it out on his first release under his own name.
07 Joachim Witt - Ich Bin Der Deutsche Neger
Witt plays it funky on this one, taken from his second album "Edelweiss" from 82'. He's the best thing to come out of the german new wave scene that i've heard anyways. Rad album, righteous track.
09 Tom Tom Club - Lorelei
My favourite Tom Tom Club song, this is trance music.
10 Jah Division - Heart And Soul (Dub)
The groove gets dubbed up now with kid millions side project Jah Division. The best dub joy divsion band ever.
11 Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen (No Age Remix)

The mood gets even murkier with this wonderfull remix from No Age. Maybe I should check them out.
12 The B-52's - Dirty Back Road

13 David Holmes - I Heard Wonders
Holmes is krautrocking it out with this one, the first track of his latest album.
14 M83 - Kim & Jessie
Yeah, yeah is sounds alot like that Nick Kershaw song but 80s pop has its charms.
15 Laura Branigan - Self Control

Wonderful night time cycling tune and the video is sweet and dark to.
16 Decadance - On And On (Dub)
One of my favouite songs ever and a big thanks to 20 j.f.g. for the heads up.
17 Sissy - Queen Of Discoteque 1984
More Italian disco wonderfulness, thanks to blow up doll for this one.
18 Cody ChesnuTT - With Me in Mind (feat. Sonja Marie)
If the bloods not up yet, it will be after this sexed up ditty.

Turnpike Twilight side a
h##p://www. mediafire. com/?zywyngddf2n

Turnpike Twilight side b
h##p://www. mediafire. com/?azzqndwnp4d

Change "##" to "tt", hope you like it was much as I do.

Friday 21 November 2008

Herv - Lithic

New 10 minute track from Irelands premier glitch merchant Herv available for freee from the lovely folks at The Richter Collective here.

Tuesday 11 November 2008

The Library Tapes this Wednesday in "The Cobblestone"

Sweden's ethereal pianist David Wenngrenis plays in Smithfields Wonderful Cobblestone on wednesday 12th. To celebrate here is one track from the gorgeous "Fragment" EP and one from his new album, "A Summer Beneath The Trees".
The Library Tapes - Fragment II.mp3
The Library Tapes - Above The Flood.mp3
Supported from Kill Krinkle Club and Children Under Hoof.
Here's a video for Above The Flood

Monday 3 November 2008

Jackie O Motherfucker + Valet Tonight

Tonight In Whelans, Portlands finist bring psych rock to the pale.
It should be solid and heres a couple why.
Jackie O Motherfucker - The Louder Roared the Sea.mp3

Valet - Tame all The Lions.mp3