Friday 24 July 2009

Wildwood, NJ (1994)

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Tomorrow Night

My first solo show, with cork fellow First Blood PartII and three droogs from the down right wicked Untied Bible Studies finishing of the night. Might still do a cover of that grange hill song, not sure now though, might wreck the mood.
More info go to
A Vid of the last improv I did with the help of Paddy,Cullan and barry on triple drums strike. Thanks to Bren Aka Paddybash for recording sound and visuals, he is one of the good ones thats for sure.

And a vid of one of Diarmuid MacDiarmada, Gavin Prior and Bryan O'Connell jams from the same show.

Gaspar Noé - Enter the Void

If Gaspar Noé first two films {Seul contre tous (1998), Irreversible} and this reception at Cannes this year are anything to go by, Enter The Void can only be something special indeed.

Friday 17 July 2009

Ducktails and Julian Lynch

More cosmic sweetness from our man Matt Mondanile aka Ducktails taken from a split 7" with the also rightous Julian Lynch. Ducktails releases have been coming thick and fast recently, but the quiality has certainly now driped. His Self Titled Debut Lp is nearly sold out, only 500 copy were made and she contains one of my favourite songs so far this year "Dancing With The One You Love". Get it before it gone.
Download Ducktails - Parasailing.mp3
Buy Ducktails/Julian Lynch - Split 7" via Underwater Peoples (US)
Buy Ducktails - S/T LP via Bis Aufs Messer (DE)
Buy Ducktails - Backyard CD via Norman Records (uk)

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Hype Williams - And With You Bring Your Brother Also

You can still download Hype Williams ridiculously amazing lo-fi psych stomp EP "High Beams" for free via this link. It is easily the best 5 songs, 6 & 3/4 minute EP you will hear this year. Listen below.

Thursday 9 July 2009

Robin Tyner - Grande Days

"It's like I said, try and keep those horizons open..."

MC5'S Robin Tyner - Grande Days Video

Children Under Hoof - Breaking The Waves (Virtual 7 Inch No.6)

The Virtual 7" series continues, with a little bit of quiet grandiose music, for the small hours.
Download Children Under Hoof - Breaking The Waves (Virtual 7")

Saturday 4 July 2009

Children Under Hoof, The Cilivan Etc Tomorrow In Whelan

10:25 - The Civilians
9:40 - Children Under Hoof
8:55 - The DLS
8:15 - El Hombre Jokes
7:30 - Mighty Atomics
Come tomorrow night, it for a good cause.

Arp - Cosmic Mega Mix

One of my favourite electronic krautrock revivalist, Arp was made a cosmic lush mix for Vessel with some name I know and love (Deuter, John Cale & Terry Riley, Roedelius, Phew) and some I dont (Franco Battiatio, Sonny & Linda Sharrock) but must check out after hearing this mix, it spans the spectrum of interstellar musicians for 69' till 08'And is well worth a listen.
Get it Arp - Mega Mix Here
Buy Arp's incredible "In Light" Here

David Foster Wallace