Tuesday 19 August 2008

"How _______ Lost His/Her Groove, But Eventually Got it Back" Mixtape

Found photo by spirits.livejournal.com.

There is one of a two compilations I made back to back in my IADT college days, that I listened to again recently. Good stuff me thinks.

Repetitive analog krautrock indie, raw punk rock, crazy german new wave and a dollop of tear jerking country.
01 Continuious Hits Music - The American Analog Set
Taken from the wonderful and their best album; Promise of Love.
02 The Natural Anthem - Postal Service
03 Crazy Love - Colder

04 Fire Engine - Iggy Pop
A rare cut from his Nuggets, a collection of rare & unreleased tracks from 77 till 83
05 Rock & Roll Nigger - Patti Smith
06 Janie Jones - The Clash
07 I Only Want YouEagles Of Death Metal

08 Shot Shot - Gomez

09 Cool In The Pool - Holger Czukay
10 Golden Reiter - Joachim Witt

11 Metronomic Underground - Stereolab
"Full Groove"
12 Moby Octopad - Yo La Tengo
13 Fell Of The Floor, Man - dEUS
14 Spinal Meningitis - Ween
16 Dacw Hi - Super Furry Animals
15 Danny (Lonely Boy Blue) - Conway Twitty
17 No Dancing - Smog
This song always reminds me of this scene in Mean Streets.

18 It's Over - The Beta Band

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Put .rar at the end of the file, to make it a rar file.


nialler9 said...

love that colder tune!

it was on a comp i made way back too. might dig it out also.

cletus_buckley said...

Just rebought both colder albums on vinyl yesterday in the second hand section in city disc for a 10er, sweet. He pretty much dropped of the planet after "heat". hopefully he will bound back with something new soon.

Astonishing Sod-Ape said...

Ger, I demand that you upload Duffy's Dirty Disco! That was the best one ever. I think I made a copy years ago but no idea where it is now.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this, but my computer can't play it... It tells me that the file has a .blogspot extension that is unrecognized by the computer. Any suggestions on what to do? [I tried putting a .mp3 extension on it, but that didn't work...] Thanks for any help, Bruce (Portland, Oregon)

cletus_buckley said...

yo jim,
Ill upload that comp soon.

Hi Bruce,
put .rar at the end. not sure why its not already there. Sorry for the mix up.