Friday 27 June 2008

Town And Out Mixtape

Vagabond music for vagabond days.

01 My Most Meaningful Relationships Are With Dead People - The Late Cord
Taken from their one and only EP.
02 Shift - Grizzly Bear

03 Lookout! - Entrance
I cant get enough of this song, sounds like a Sid Barrnet meltdown.
04 Into It - Ring
First heard this top notch track on BBC6's Freakzone. It was the first time "tuning in" after Young Roddy sent me a link and we were on a good and heady mixture. This song locked me into a trance, the vocals  reminded me of some Madchester band doing a Jethro Tull esque song. The next morn I looked Ring up. Turns out the Manchester and Norwegian accent are very similar.  I picked up his excellent album for 5 euros here.
05 Girls Of Summer (Live) - Arab Strap
Taken from Mad Of Sadness, still my favourite Arab Strap album and probably favourite live album ever. No one says "fuck" quite like Aidan Moffat.
06 Eyes - Wide - Si Schroeder
Highlight of last year's Electric Picnic.
07 Bontempi Rain Effect - Ellis Island Sound
A chance hearing of their first album, lead me to get all their albums. I still haven't read anything about
them in any music mags or music site or some unknown reason.
08 Golden - High Places
Missed them by a few minutes recently, to busy drinking Guinness Special Export Stout on a stoop of a dilapidated warehouse. Geez Louise I could drink them all day.

09 Woman Is The Nigger Of The World - Sports
No not a John Lennon cover, but Indiana's own Sports doing what Chuck D would be proud of; "Tell it like it is".
10 August - Catcall

Catcall - August (Music Video) from Moop Jaw on Vimeo.

11 Laminate Factory - Emperor X
Taken from his Tectonic Membrane/Thin Strip on an Edgeless Platform album. Another guy that never get
mentions anyway. This album is pretty stellar to, there is another track of his on 8Bit Bliss Mixtape.
12 Jetta's Palace - The Jimmy Cake
Ireland's finest return with their best work since their debut.
13 Blink - Sonic Youth
The Campfire Section taken from the rather dull The Destroyed Room B-sides and rarities but this song was
reason enough to get it.
14 Twilight Furniture - This Heat
My favourite This Heat track.
15 Raven - Nalle
More bewitching music this time from Scotland. Eerie isn't strong enough word.
16 Wino - Cast King
17 Cattle Call -Tex Owens
Quite dirty vinyl rip that hisses and crackles but for some reason I don't want to bother find a cleaner version. It adds more magic to this 56' ditty. I first hear this on Gus Van Sant's My Private Idaho.
18 Kiss Before The Fall - H T R K
Pronounced HATE ROCK,
H T R K are like the mean, older cousin of the sickly easy Glasvagas.
19 Permanent Smile - Smog
Last track of the amazing " Dongs of Sevotion", gorgeously understated, Callahan knows went to reduce
tracks to their core.

Thats it, I hope you like it as much as I do.

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