Wednesday 30 January 2008

January Blues - Mixtape

Another month, another mixtape with blues in it's title.

01 Everything Means Nothing To Me - Elliot Smith
02 Muzzle Of Bees - Wilco

03 Just Like The Rain - Richard Hawley
Video viewable here
04 In The Morning - The Coral

05 All The Wine - The National
06 Modern Girl - Sleater-Kinney
07 7/4th(shoreline) - Broken Social Scene
Video viewable here
08 Daddy Never Understood - Deluxx Folk Implosion
Got this of "Kids" OST as well as "The Natural One" but
found a nice video of the song accompenied by footage
of the underrated slacker film "The Doom Generation" by
Gregg Araki. Check out Mysterious Skin by him, which is
also great.

09 Vitamin C - Can


10 Black Cat - Broadcast
Video viewable here
New album out this year. Can't wait.
11 The Natural One - Folk Implosion
Video viewable here
12 Sorted With Es And Whizz - Pulp
13 Did U Feel It Too - The Go! Team
14 Foolish Harp (Waerera) - The Bhundu Boys
The soundtrack to Tartan video montage of films
at the start of their Vhs.
15 Here We Go (live) - Arab Strap
16 A Ribbon - Devendra Banhart

17 Honey Bunny - Vincent Gallo
There is a really great video of with song, with women
in their underwear spinning around on a revolving floor,
like real life ballerinas in music boxes One of the
ladies is Paris Hilton. He even was a song on "When"
album called "I Wrote This Song For The Girl Paris Hilton".
"Now for ya".
18 Colour Me Once - Violent Femmes
The omly thing good about "The Crow" is this song and the
NIN cover of Joy Division. Speaking of Joy Division...
19 Decades - Joy Division

20 Your Face - Colder
So Good, wonder what he is at this weather.
21 Jc - Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth performing JC on Later with Jools Holland, 1992 viewable here.
22 I Am - Scott Niblett
Got in to her through he cover of "I Am" album. have a look see here.

Total Time 1:19:58
Perfect for a CDR
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Saturday 26 January 2008

"Hold Back The Dawn" Mixtape

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Painting : Oliver Comerford
Re-Re-up of "Hold Back The Dawn" Mixtape.
A mixtape for the wee hours. Contains 80s pop/post punk,
80s esque Pop/rock, Neue Deutsche Welle and analog melodies.

01 Sketch for Summer- The Durutti Column

The first song of his first album. Boy, he sure loves
his echoy guitar, and i do to.
02 Drugs In My Body - Thieves Like Us
A reworking of the previous song and the vid is a
reworking of the "heroes" scene in Christine F. film

03 Lovely Allen - Holy Fuck
The cover was enticing enough for me to get their EP.
This song is kraut-tastic.
04 Glorious - Captain
Great Pop rock with Trevor Horn productions. The vid can be
watched HERE.
05 You Got Me - Beta Or Vhs
More 80s throwback rock. They sound like "A Folk Of Seagulls"
fronted by Robert Smith. Vid viewable HERE .
06 Burning Up - Madonna
Of her first album, great stuff.

07 Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Love the intro.

08 Tender Object - Orange Juice

The greatest song Orange Juice ever recorded and it
wasn't even a bloody single.
09 (Ein Jahr) Es Geht Voran - Fehlfarben
More jangley 80s guitar this time from Düsseldorf's Fehlfarben.
10 Der Kommissar - Falco
From the man who brought us "Rock Me Amadeus".

11 Morning Sun - Al Murray
Got this from the soundtrack of "This Is Britian". Great film
and great song.

12 Goodbye Horses - Q. Lazzarus
Another soundtrack song, from "Married To The Mob" and
the Buffalo Bill dancing with his fella tucked behind his legs
scene in "Silence Of The Lambs". My new favourite song.
13 Windows - A Flock Of Seagulls
B side to Space Age Love Song, and what a b side it is.
14 In The City - Chromatics
Love this track, the metronome beat and lead vocal is
super sweet. Vid is viewable
15 You Make Me Like Charity - The Knife
One of my favourite Knife song. Go HERE for a live video.
16 The Past Is A Grotesque Animal - Of Montreal
Not sure about these boys, but this song is a deffinate highlight
on the album. The urgency of the music and vocals really won
me over.
17 By This River - Brian Eno
First heard this on a great German film called "The Son's Room".
18 Echo's Answer - Broadcast
Oh i love that sound.
19 Can You Hear the Rain, Love - Richard Hawley
Eno esque track of the "Late Night Tales" and no better way to
finish the mix.

Thats it.

Total Time: 1:18:52

Replace ## for tt

Friday 25 January 2008

Scout Niblett - Kidnapped by Neptune 7 " (2005)

Its another one of those where the b-side is better than
the a-side. I bought two copies of this for a euro each
from the wonderful Road Records off George's Street.
You can do the same online Here.
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Wednesday 23 January 2008

Monday 21 January 2008

Kim Hiorthøy - I'm This I'm That 7" (2006)

Great little 7" for Norweign doll Kim Hiorthøy.
A delicate blend of Dosh and Múm, it certainly
hits the spot.
Here a nice video for a different song, which is not on this 7"

Buy It for £4 on vinyl with superduper artwork
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Sunday 20 January 2008

Sebastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear

Monsieur Tellier is at it again. Part Wendy Carlos,
part Giorgio Moroder. Ace.

Saturday 19 January 2008

Fuck Buttons To Land In Eire


28 Feb 2008 Auntie Annies Belfast
29 Feb 2008 Whelans Dublin
1 Mar 2008 Ping Pong Club Cork

For more tour dates including the whole of the
uk and an america tour go to their Myspace
Download Bright Tomorrow Mp3
For more Fuck Buttons go here

Photo Of The Day

thurston moore in dublin december 07
Thurston Moore In Dublin, December 07
I wish I shouted out "Judas" when he came out with an acoustic guitar.

Friday 18 January 2008


paranoid park
When to see it yesterday and was a little bit cautious after
"Last Days" but Van Sant is back on form. Visually stunning,
as it was always going to be with Christopher Doyle behind the
camera and the sound design using a curlywurly mix of tracks
from Elliott Smith to ethereal sound-artist Ethan Rose to
Godfather and Fellini's favourite composer Nino Rota; pieces
from "Juliet of the Spirits" and one from "Amarcord" pierce
through the mix invoking the confusion, alienation and inner
turmoil the young lead is going though, wonderfully played by
newcomer Gabe Nevins is going though. The best film of the
year so far.

Buy The Soundtrack
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Wednesday 16 January 2008

Brad Renfro Bows Out Aged 25

brad renfro

Pretty shocked to hear about his death, he just finish shooting a screen adaption of Bret Easton Ellis' novel;"The Informers,". For now, here are links for Apt Pupil also watch Bully (2001) if you
haven't already, Brad Renfro really shines in that film as well.





password: przemer-bb

Sunday 13 January 2008

The Bear People Mixtape

Here is a great little mixtape made by noise merchant Dave Grimes
aka The Bear People. For all your drone euphoria needs,
The Bear People fill you up like a warm bowl of porridge on a miserable
January morn. Great stuff need.

1.incredible string band - 3 is a green crown / moe tucker - chase
2.eddie gale - black rhythm happening
3.the shaggs - philosophy of the world
4.joe meek - disc dance of the globbots
5. swans - how they suffer
6. steve reich & pat methenay -
electric counterpoint
7. fenn o'berg - horst und snail mit ma
/daniel johnston - true love will find you in the end
9. rechenzentrum - i.d.m
10. kim gordon/dj olive - international spy
11. alva noto - untitled
12. william basinski - unnamed 2

Download It
The Bear People's Myspace

Wednesday 9 January 2008

The Jesus Lizard - Shot (1996)

Another album/band I have forgotten how good it/they are.
For some reason my favourite album aint liked by
the hard hard core Lizard fan, well the ones I've met
anyways. Great stuff for start to finish.

Buy It
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Films Of The Year.

Tell No One


Rescue Dawn

Honorable Mentions:
Eastern Promise, This Is England.

Saturday 5 January 2008

"Boyz II Men Still Keepin Up A Beat"

Holy shit, Boyz II Men are playing in Dublin, Sun 2 March in the Tripod,
Ticeads are from €37.50 to up close close and personal €42.50.
Fuck it, I'm there.