Wednesday 8 June 2011

RHINO MAGIC - GET GOING Album Launch Friday 10th of June


Fuzzed up laments from the wilds of Wexford, Rhino Magic is Joseph Kielthy recording sounds from keyboards, guitars and the world onto a laptop which is prone to overheating. "Get Going" is a nine song album full of joyous distorted pastel pop. It's the soundtrack to a found hi8 video of a tenth birthday party. Fizzing coke and tayto burps, never ending hazy adventures in roaming sun drenched fields till "the mother" calls everyone in for cake cutting and more coke. 

rhino magic - home with you from joak on Vimeo.


Though there's a tropical breeze that floats through proceedings, it swirls around what is definitely a dark heart of the jungle. Fuzzy vocals and a whole curiosity museum of instrumentation are all good and well, but the songwriting is completely effortless and witty to the max - Rough Trade



"Aidan Wall, a man forcing dreams into mp3 files via the kindly intercession of a nylon-string guitar, his voice and smothering layers of lo-fi fuzz of more the Daniel Johnston variety than, say, the Wavves variety. In ebbs and swells, Wall provides moods that vary from cosy reassurance to panic-attack unease, all with the same, utterly minimal set-up." - Those Geese Were Stupefied

Tender Objects Presents

Rhino Magic
No Monster Club
Porn On Vinyl

w/ Tender Objects DJs

Friday 10th June
Doors : 8.00pm


Venue : Hello Operator
12 Rutland Place,
Dublin 1

Limited Tickets - €10 / €12 with Album & Screen Printed Poster