Wednesday 26 May 2010

Children Under Hoof Launch This Friday

Children Under Hoof are finally releasing something, the first of four releases penned in for the year, this first one is in the form of a five song, yellow c26 which is made up of one side rockin' and the other side full of kosmische soundscapes. The launch is this friday with Special Guess,
Patrick Kelleher,
School Tour,
At The Joinery Gallery,
Arbour Hill,
Co. Dublin
10 Euros In (Including Free "A Collar Can Become A Noose" Mini LP Tape)
Doors at 7.30
Bring Your Own Dang Buckie.
Heres the closing track on the mini album, an eight minute K trip.
Children Under Hoof - Repeat Break.mp3
You can also download the "Breaking The Waves" free virtual 7" here.

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Devo+Neil Young= Deadliness

Friday 14 May 2010

Irish Ambient Mix - May 10' (By Ciaran Hickey)

Photo By Jane Lives
This wonderful mix is fairly relaxing me out after just frying yet another hard drive. At least I havent lost all my recordings like back in December. A pat on the back for Mister Hickey if our paths ever cross.

01 Donnacha Costello - With Me Still (Pokerflat)
02 Jimmy Behan - Pools (Audiobulb)
03 David Donohoe - In A Glass Of You (Fällt)
04 Boys Of Summer - Coriolis (Munitions Family)
05 Hard Sleeper - Rain Then Red Earth (DEAF CD)
06 Patrick Kelleher - Look I Wore A Tie! (KATIE KIM REMIX) (
Osaka Records)
07 Fovea Hex - While You're Away (Die Stadt, Janet Records)
08 Frózi - Enisle (DEAF CD)
09 Hulk - Photographs (
Osaka Records)
10 Patrick Kelleher - Until I Get Paid (SCHOOL TOUR REMIX) (
Osaka Records)
11 St. Catherine's Home For Lazy Infants - Till Every Motion, Pulse and Breath Be Over... (Slow Loris)
12 iquinn - Carn (Save) (Traum)
13 Fairlights - Summer, Part 2 (Soundcloud Download)
14 Katie Kim - 1 (?)
15 202's - Repeat (SCHFLI Remix)

Listen Here

Thursday 13 May 2010

Patrick Kelleher - Skinny Wolves Mix

"Mega Muscle Mix" from our boy Paddy Kelleher, contain some seriously blissed out italo, kraut grooves and Holger Czukay tip top attempt at a pop song; Blazin'.

1. Eurythmics - Love is a Stranger

2. Valerie Dore - Get Closer

3. Sarsparilla - Pop 'n Rock
4. The Redneck Manifesto - Black Apple
5. The Ex - Leid der Steinklopfer
6. Thread Pulls - Nearly There
7. Scout Niblett - Duke of Anxiety
8. Mount Eerie - The Bottomless Pit
9. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - This Night Has Opened My Eyes
10. Art Lord and the Self-Portraits - Lantern Sigh
11. Fad Gadget - For Whom the Bell Tolls
12. Section 25 - Looking From a Hilltop
13. Holger Czukay - The Photo Song

14. Les Paul - Brazil
15. The Mills Brothers - Paper Doll
16. Spaceman 3 - So Hot (Wash Away All of My Tears)
17. The Durutti Column - Danny
18. Grauzone - Ich Lieb Sie
19. Declan Q Kelly - Simulacrum

PATRICK KELLEHER - MIX // MAY 2010 by SkinnyWolves
Also tomorrow night is the launch party of his Contract Sports 7" on Skinny Wolves Records, He will be playing in Anseo with Peter & Jamie Wolf spinning some records. Free In Also.

Thursday 6 May 2010

"(An Indication) Something Is Present", Shadow Puppet Play

"A collaboration between artists Ceara Martyn and Anna Davies. This project layers together stop motion animation, live puppetry and live music. It is a journey through the monotonous and dream-world alike where the audience is subdued by the world of shadow play and phantasm... The scene is set with a screening of stop motion animation followed by live shadow puppet show, all to be accompanied by ..." School Tour (Aka me). Here is an rough excerpt of what ill be playing.
School tour shadow pup edit by munitionsfamily

Running from 14th through 16th of May, in the Joinery Gallery Arbour Hill,
Doors 7.45???
Show starts 8pm sharp!!!
4 Euros

Monday 3 May 2010

Patrick Kelleher - Untill I Get Paid

Richling Farinella Films 2010... from Rich Gilligan on Vimeo.

A fashion shoot vid from the dude that took the outstanding Nightsaver cover.