Sunday 17 June 2007

"Baby Was A Worldshaker" Mixtape

Photo By Bill Henson
A mixtape full with summery blissful electronica.
01 Yawny at the Apocalypse - Andrew Bird
Sometimes it's good to fall slowly in to a mood.
02 Neon - The Knife
I was pretty shocked the first time I heard that
trumpet come in. The Knife using live instruments, great.
03 Canoe Canoe - Populous
I got this track of a Morr Music sampler free with
the always dependable Foggy Notions Magazine.
It's the only mag I have every issue so far, and it's Irish.

04 Fragments - Autamata
A friend of mine nearly crashed his bike into a
parked car while cycling along to this track from
Irish man Ken McHugh. You have been warned
about it's hypnotic abilities.
05 Could You Be Loved (Instrumental) -
Third Eye Foundation

Back in 2001 a friend gave me a heap of cds free with
the NME he got off his cousin. From those cds I got into
Pavement, Hefner, Godspeed... and this, my first taste
of "Electronica". Still as good now as it was then.
06 In The Morning (Hot Chip Remix) - Junior Boys
More wavey pitch shifting courtesy from our men "Hot Chip".
Junior Boys played back in February, but I didn't like the album
that much. I swear it was the night after they played that the
penny dropped. Great record, great remix.
07 Eavesdropping (Simon Bookish Remix) - Grizzly Bear
Simon Bookish is "THE MAN".
08 Girl Toy - Boom Bip
My twin bother gave me this album a year and a half ago,
but it took me a year to eventually get around to listening to
it after I stumbled across Boom Bip on myspace one late night.
This was the track that made me locate the cd.
09 Summer Of Freedom (Edit) - Manual
Another Echoy guitar track a la Duritti Columns/Bhundu Boys.
10 Milton Road - Mice Parade
More guitar soundscape.
11 When We Danced - Yellotone
For some reason he's ditched the electronica.
Maybe because his first record is an unpraised gem.
If you haven't got it yet go here.

12 Stops - Nathan Fake
His album is a bit too similar to M83. But this is quality.
13 Lambic 9 Poetry - Squarepusher
I got this and the previous track off a mixtape made
for me for my birthday. The track washes over you like
waves of euphoria, each breath you come up more and more.
Truly amazing.
14 Cut Up Piano and Xylophone - Fridge
Another bliss out treasure from a band consisting of
Fourtet, Adem and Sam Jeffers. They are playing The Village,
Dublin on 16 Aug. Shouldn't be one not to miss.
15 Six Shooter Annex - Ellis Island Sound
Back in November 2005, I when to a record shop to see if they
got in the new Liars Album. No joy there, but on the tannoy
was the most blissed electronica that could cheer up anyone
on a wet November morn. I enquired who it was and since
it was on sale for a 5er I had to buy it. Being the only copy
in the shop, the guy had to take it out of the stereo,
I felt somewhat bad. Oh it's another album that can be got here.
16 Nostalgia - Tezeta
I think I want this played at my funeral. If you aint got
the record it's still up here.
17 Melissa Juice - Boards Of Canada
I bought Two-ism purely because of the cover but it
aint as good as "Music Has A Right To Children"
(Which also has an ace cover) but this track is great.

Total Time 1:18:26

Replace "??" with "tt".
Cheers and Good Luck.


Dan said...

For some reason, the file I downloaded doesn't contain tracks 9 and 12. Any reason for this? Can those 2 tracks me sent to me?

cletus_buckley said...

I downloaded it there, and all songs were there. So i dont know what went wrong for you. Try it again and it should be grand.

cletus_buckley said...

I'll send you a link for those ones your missing.

frankie said...

i love this mix - after all these months, thought i track you down and thank you. so, thanks.