Tuesday 30 October 2007

Porter Wagoner Bows Out

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Photo: Marty Stuart
I only got into Porter Wagoner this year after hearing the haunting and truly
compelling "The Rubber Room" and was saddened to learn that he died on the
28th off Lung cancer aged eighty.
So here's a compilation I put together of some of his songs spanning his whole
career from his 54 number 1 hit 'A Satisfied Mind' and it's b -side 'Itchin' For
My Baby' to his last single; "Committed To Parkview". That single was written by Johnny Cash and he wanted Porter to record it, so He gave a cassette to Marty Stuart (the
producer of the album Porter was making at the time back in 1981), but
Marty forgot to deliver the song to Porter and only delivered it when he was
helping Porter choose songs for from Wagonmaster album. This year he gain
in popularity with that album and he even toured with the "White

01 Committed To Parkview - Wagonmaster (2007)
02 The Rubber Room - The Rubber Room (1972)
03 The Cold Hard Facts Of Life - The Cold Hard Facts Of Life (1967)
04 Satan's River - Wagonmaster (2007)
05 Eat, Drink And Be Merry - The Essential Porter Wagoner (1997)
06 Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy - The Essential Porter Wagoner (1997)
07 Itchin' For My Baby - A Satisfied Mind 7" RCA Victor 20-6105 (1954)
08 Sorrow On The Rocks - The Essential Porter Wagoner (1997)
09 Sorrow Overtakes The Wine - The Carroll County Accident (1969)
10 Dark End of the Street (with Dolly Parton) - Just The Two Of Us (1968)
11 Family Bible w/ Willie Nelson - Unplugged (2002)
12 A Place To Hang My Hat - Wagonmaster (2007)
13 I'll Go Down Swingin' - The Thin Man From West Plains (1965)
14 Porter and Marty (Men With Broken Hearts/I Heard That Lonesome
Whilstle Blow) - Wagonmaster (2007)
15 A Satisfied Mind - A Satisfied Mind 7" RCA Victor 20-6105 (1954)
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Tuesday 23 October 2007

Iron And Wine - Woman King Ep

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To celabrate the return of Sam Beam aka Iron And Wine
to our shores on October 27, at Ambassador Theatre in
Dublin. Here is outstanding EP which is heavy in tone
compared to his first two albums. I had a ticket to
see him back in 2004 when he first and last played
Ireland but dEUS reformed and i got a ticket to see
them in Paris since a friend of my was living there
at the time. But as it turned out both gigs were on
the same day, so i had to give away Iron and Wine ticket
to my flatmate. Bummer but seeing dEUS for the
first time with a head full of trips was chilling to see
the least and the little known Joanna Newsom was one
of the support acts. Never heard of her before and was
completely mystified by her. Ran down the stairs to
buy the album straight after see finished just in case
it would sell out. Here is a video of the first song
I ever heard of Iron and Wine back in 2003. It's on
his first album but i got it first on one of those
sub pop 5er sampler cds. The vid is directed by Mister
Beam himself.

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Monday 15 October 2007

Crystal Castles - Alice Practice 7" (2006)

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Paintings: Trevor Brown
A friend of mine was giving out that 8Bit Bliss mix tape was not
that 8 bitty. Ok, yeah most songs are more analogy and not
corrosive 8bitty sounding but alot of songs have cheap sounding
instruments in them. Well anyway to rectify here is some horrible
8 bit trash from torondo 2 piece "Crystal Castles". They are touring
all over the shop as we speak, hitting Eire on the 25th of November.
Check out their Myspace for futher info.

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Saturday 13 October 2007

"Feel The Breeze" Mixtape

Photo By Ryan McGinley

A soundtrack for runaways.

01 Knocked Up - Kings Of Leon
This song reminds me of the film "Boys Don't Cry" with
its barren dusty (sound)landscapes and The Edge-esque guitar.
Great song from an ok album by K.O.L.
02 Our Swords - Band Of Horses
More Americana(ish) this time from Band of Horses, taken
from the their exquisite debut.
03 Fiery Crash - Andrew Bird
The opener for Bird's newest and maybe best album with
backing vocals provided by the wonderful Haley Bonar
04 Brother - Annuals
"'Brother' opens on a whisper before exploding at
the halfpoint with colossal percussion, twisting
guitars, feather-fall violins, and exultant,
emphatic shouts that puncture the mix like they're
trying to break in from another dimension."
05 Saturday - Electrelane
One of the highlights from one of this years best,
"No Shouts, No Calls". Those ladies rocked out at
"Electric Picnic", Hopefully they will be back in
Ireland soon.
06 Start A War - The National

07 Keep The Car Running - Arcade Fire
08 If Looks Could Kill - Camera Obscura
09 Long Distance Call - Pheonix

10 Pulling Our Weight - The Radio Dept.
What is it about Sweden, always with "The Good Shit"
and this is certainly "Good Shit". "Pulling Our Weight"
is The Radio Dept.'s finest three and a half minutes. Pure Bliss
11 Willow's Song - The Wicker Man OST
"Willow's Song" is a ballad by American composer Paul
Giovanni using lyrics by the poet Robert Burns for the
1973 film The Wicker Man.
12 Diamond Dancer - Bill Callaghan
My favourite song of the year so far.
13 Let's Save Tony Orlando's House - Yo La Tengo
In the "Marge on the Lam" episode of The Simpsons,
Troy McClure is emceeing a public television marathon,
he opens with a version of his catchphrase by
stating: "Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You might remember
me from such telethons as Out with Gout '88 and Let's
Save Tony Orlando's House." Let's Save Tony Orlando's
House later inspired the title of this song by the Hoboken's
finest Yo La Tengo, taken from their downbeat 2000
record "And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out".
14 Cool Summer - Bob Lind
Another song I pilfered from Jarvis Cocker and Steve
Mackey compilation "The Trip"
15 Childhood - Beachhouse
One of this years gems.
16 Lark - Au Revoir Simone
Hightlight from the rather disappointing second album.
Their first should still be available here.
17 Love Connection - Casiotones For The Painfully Alone
"A delicate blend of sweat and menstrual blood"
My favourite mix.
18 After The Certain - Beirut
The great closer of his debut album.
19 In The Chestnut Tree - Ivor Cutler
Another one of my all time favourite songs, this time by the
glaswegien Ivor Cutler. Jammy Smears is still available here

20 Gulf Shores - Palace Music
"A cold and frilly drink awaits us both"

OK thats it.
Well tell me what you think.

Total Time 1:19:21
Download "Feel The Breeze" part 1
Download "Feel The Breeze" part 2

Thursday 4 October 2007


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The might Oneida are hitting Ireland this weekend.
5 Oct 2007 Pine Lodge Myrtleville Cork, Cork
6 Oct 2007 Whelans Dublin, Dublin
7 Oct 2007 Roisin Dubh Galway, Galway
8 Dec 2007 All Tomorrows Parties Festival Minehead, South
"Up the people is available on the "Campfire Crazy" Mixtape
and here is a couple of track 6s "last act, every time" of
Secret Wars and "History's Great Navigators" of Oneida's 06
almost perfect record "Happy New Year" and a bonus song
from another NYC noicy rockers Pterodactyl cover Oneida's "Sheets of Easter New Year".

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Wednesday 3 October 2007

Tegan and Sara - The Con (2007)

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A great record from two Canadian sisters I stumbled
across this a couple of months back. I got it because I liked
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket the the picture of Tegan and Sara.
I though it might be electronica like Robyn or Ellen Allien,
it's not, it's girly pop but in a good way. Take a gander at
the vid, make up your own mind and let me know.

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