Friday 9 May 2008

Patrick Kelleher's Hangover Mixtape

Photo By Patrick Kelleher (Me looking worse for wears)

To celebrate Patrick Kelleher 1st Ep and tour, here is a sweet
mixtape he originally made for our friends over a Egoeccentric,
but was kind enought to throw it my way to. The tunes should
ease our heads after a hopefully fruitful weekend.
Here is what he has to say about it.
"This is a nice collection of dronage tuned exactly to the
frequency of your headache, massaging you with sweet
sweet sound waves. Proggy for the first half, poppy in the
middle and a nice bit of Ivor Cutler to finish off."

01 This is Far From a Belle Epoque - A Faulty Chromosome
02 Dr. Glass - Deerhunter
03 Sailing To Byzantium - Liars
04 The Misfit - Oneida
05 Coming Down - The United States Of America
06 Within You, Without You - Sonic Youth
07 A Man Humming - Children Under Hoof
08 Fantasy - Mariah Carey
09 I Want Your Love - Chromatics
10 What's Happening in the City? - Zombie Zombie
11 Ghosts - Japan
12 The Winter Arcade - Chequerboard

13 Esame - Joanna Newsom

14 Do I Worry? - Frank Sinatra
15 Go and Sit Upon the Grass - Ivor Cutler

Download Patrick Kelleher's Hangover Mixtape


9 May Tonight 21:00 The New Boom Boom Room, Murrays (Formally Fraisers), Dublin
10 May 2008 20:00 Baker Place Limerick

And You can download Patrick Kelleher's "He Has To Sleep Some Time" (Virtual 7") HERE .

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