Wednesday 18 February 2009

"Willing To Float" Mixtape

A collection of river songs to float you away to where ever you want to go to.

From country blues to 60s pychedelic folk to tape hiss ethereal indie bookended by the late great John Fahey. It also contains a lot of big hiters in my listening habits of 2008, Ducktails, Silje Nes, Arab Strap all featured last year in this blog.

01 Sligo River Blues - John Fahey
02 Say Valley Maker - (Smog)
03 Weightless Again - The Handsome Family
04 Saw Mill Man - Cast King
05 The River Of No Return - Marilyn Monroe

06 lets rock the beach - Ducktails
07 Paint Work - The Fall
08 For Kate I Wait - Ariel Pink

09 Field of Dreams - Beaches
10 A Place In The Sun - Marine Girls

11 Softly to Me - Love
12 Song for Jo - Scarlett Johansson
13 Parrallelograms - Linda Perhacs

14 Two Seasons - AU
15 Drown - Silje Nes
16 Islands - Arab Strap
17 Dance Of Death - John Fahey

Replace "##" with "tt"


Gardenhead said...

Will this help me with my dreadful insomnia?

cletus_buckley said...

I guess not, I throw you this months ago, when i went into a semi rant about those v. girls.

Anonymous said...

song for jo is immense!

cletus_buckley said...

As it turn out it's the only song on the album that she wrote, and its my favourite.