Wednesday 20 February 2008

Cracked Grooves Mixtape

Photo of Howard Dully aged 12, after his lobotomy.

The second of two compilations I made for camping up
a mountain in Wicklow during the summer (The first
mix was Campfire Crazy). This one is full of prog to pop
psychedelica, murderous melodies and songs of salvation.

01 A Song - David Shrigley

Artist turned songsmith. Still haven't picked up "Worried
Noddles" yet, out on the always reliable Tomlab records.
02 Leaf House - Animal Collective
Another hit from the kings of "Hit and Miss".

03 About Fun - Psapp
Seen them two years ago and the drummer was playing
the most incredible drum kit, everything from tin cans
to the petrol tank of a motor bike, working with
Einst├╝rzende Neubauten must have rubbed off a little.

04 Birds Of Fire - Mahavishnu Orchestra

The flatmate hates this track, too full on prog for him,
but that trumpet track is "killer dude".
05 The Chemicals That Wait - Semifinalists
Another band I seen summer 06, the drummer looks and
sounds like Vincent Gallo and the lady uses a casio vl 1, so
they cant be too bad. This track is Mercury Rev-esque
psychedelica, hop notch.
06 A Man Of Experience And Wisdom - Yekermo Sew
A track of the Ethiopiques 4 compilation I posted an age

07 Winter's going - Bonnie Dobson
Always a sucker for songs using the changing of the seasons
as a metaphor. This song is the start of the murderous
melodies section.

08 Sock It My Way - Animated Egg
Michael Mann could have easily used this song instead of
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" for that scene with the shotgun in
his underrated flick Manhunter.

09 Evening On The Ground (Lilith's Song) - Iron And Wine
The heaviest song Mister Bean has ever written.
10 Ruby - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Also the heaviest song Mister Billy has ever recorded, such
a great b side.

11 Dirty Pants - Smog
"TUNE" off one of his great but not amazing album "Rain On Lens".
12 Rituals - Archie Bronson Outfit
Why aren't they MASSIVE.
13 Jezebel - The Drones
Why aren't they MASSIVE.
14 W.C.S. (First Draft)- dEUS
Before Sonic youth, I was obsessed with dEUS. This track is a good
reason why, druggy dirge with beefheart undertones. The first time
I seen them live, was in Paris back in 2004. I thought Tom Barman
was l
ike a cold turkey mental patience, the song pauses, he wailing
out "Are you listening you fool, your magnificent liar". I was frozen
with fear, but it was probably just the acid.

15 Jesus - The Velvet Underground
The start of the salvation section.
16 Jesus Loves Me - CocoRosie
17 Nothing Came Out - The Moldy Peaches
Perfect if it wasn't for the G.N'R. solo and I love the phone ringing
in the middle of the song.

18 Whats The New Mary Jane - The Beatles
"Oh no, johns taking the trips again".
19 Fly Eye - Daniel Johnston
Maybe my favourite of his, short but sweet.

Total Time: 1:14:34

ps. Replace "??"s with "tt"s
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cletus_buckley said...


Catshoe said...

So I shall have a listen to your mixtape - Mahivishnu John McLaughlin and the Velvets on one tape must be worth a go. I came over to Dublin end of Jan to see Stars at the Tripod - nice city, bloody expensive, especially while idling away a day coz' the ferry got cancelled!

cletus_buckley said...

Yeah dublin is dearer now an even more so for you with the weak pound. Plus Tripod is one of the dearer venues and you don't even get a full pint in your crappy plastic cup. i might have gone if i had known that Apostle of Hustle were supporting, but i still haven picked up any stars album. but all b.s.s. splinter groups sound pretty good.