Friday 4 April 2008


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It's a year and a day since I first posted this,
I have 4 new mixtape waiting in wings but
after reading this , I decided to repost this
little baby again,since someone deleted the
link an age ago. It was really hard not to put
up all the videos because they are all really
outstanding, so defo click on the links to
This product contains:
. Corrosive Post Punk (1-4),
. Sax Girl Party Bop (5-7),
. Synth Paranoia (8-10),
. Tuneful Cheese(11-13),
. 3/4 American, 1/4 Scotish
Indie (14-17)
. Big Bootie Rhythms (18-20).

01 Burning Spear - Sonic Youth
First song of their first record "Sonic
Youth", 1982, no better way to start a
80s mix. Go HERE for amazing live live footage.
02 Return The Gift - Gang Of Four
You know the deal by now.
03 Asbestos Lead Asbestos - World Domination Enterprises
The most corrosive guitar sound you will
ever hear.
04 The Fish Needs A Bike - Blurt
Ted Milton is/was the new Damo Suzuki.
05 Aerasol Burns - Essential Logic
Try not to freak out to much in the street listening
to this.
06 Debbie Harry - Family Fodder
For montage vid go HERE.
07 Never Say Never - Romeo Void
This video is me and my old lady.
08 Underpass - John Foxx
Played this 7" to death.

09 Isolation - Joy Division
10 Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat What can I say,
the video says it all.

11 Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart
He when on to write songs for "The Bodyguard" soundtrack,
something cheesey like that anyways, but this is ace and again
another amazing video.

12 Out of Touch - Hall And Oates
A different (better) version to the one in this silly video, and
the drumer has a size complex

13 Addicted to Love - Ciccone Youth
Great cover, the youth at their poppist, for vid go Here
14 Fourh Of July - Galaxie 500
I wish I heard this in my teens. Oh and they are playing Ireland
in May, well 2/3 are.

15 Moscow nights - The Feelies
A Friend of Mine made up a new wave mixtape,
and this gem was on it and all he knew was the
name of the song and he wasn't even that keen on
it. Fucking hell, that build up, totally consumes me,
on first listen, I could understand how how he didn't
love and expressly since it was on one of his mixtape.
Anyhows, I eventually found out it was The Feelies
and consequentially have been disappointed by
everything I've heard from them since. I'm still not
sure why this song and the previous song by Galaxie
500 aren't massive anthems, that every indie rocker
has. Or are they and if so how come I only hear about
both bands late in 2006.
16 I Ran - Flock Of Seagulls
There as so underrated and just because they go to
the "Darkside" that is pop, great pop is certainly is.

17 I Could Be Happy - Altered Images
The same goes for this Scottish band.
For TOTP vid go Here
18 All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls
Rick James sure knows how to make a groove.

19 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - Michael Jackson
Love the "Your a vegetable" freak out in this song.
For Vid go HERE.
20 It's Alright - ESG

Good Luck and Enjoy

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