Friday 18 April 2008

Kraut Me AmadEUS Mixtape

A night drive mixtape full of Krautrock and kraut-esque tunes.

Side A

01 The Melody Of A Fallen Tree - Windsor For The Derby
These boyos rock the same way American Analog Set rock.
02 Two For Joy - Electrelane
I was pretty shocked that their latest LP wasn't up on alot of end of year list. Defo my favourite album of 2008 and luckily enough, I got to see them before they did a Sleater (indefinite hiatus) Kinney on it. This track
however is of theri epic 2005 release "Axes".
03 All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
Equally shocked that this was song of the year on pitchfork and 2 out of 4 2007 songs on the Hold Back Dawn Mixtape where in their somewhere also. They have abit of taste so.
04 Definite Gaze - Magazine

I have to break things down to classic rock term for my friend Paul sometimes so he understands what iI'm spouting on about. I told him Magazine's debut "Real Life" was the punk equivalent to Meat Loaf
rock Opera "Bat Out Of hell", Flippant but true.
05 Shoulder Pads - The Fall
"Smith's insistence that some tracks (of Bend Sinster, the album this track is of) be mastered from a standard audio cassette which Smith had been carrying around and listening to on a Walkman." Producer John Leckie had to draw the line. Also as it happens Leckie produced the previous track too.
06 Wütendes Glas - Grauzone
Another classic song from the Swish group that gave us "Eisbar".
07 After Eight - NEU!
Very Sad to hear Klaus Dinger, founding member of Kraftwerk, NEU! and La Düsseldorf died on March 20, four days before his 62nd birthday. Go Here for a great live video recorded of the telly of la Düsseldorf doing a live version of "Rheinita". It's great, at the start they don't want to go on and the studio breaks down into a big unsure chaotic mess at the end. It reminds me of the cover of that Moondog Record. Two different worlds.
08 Nightclubbing - Iggy Pop
Taken from "The Idiot".
09 TriTraTrullala - Joachim Witt
Here is the excellent vid for Herbergsvater which is a different version TriTraTrullala

10 Mr No - John Foxx
A b- side that better than everything on his debut album, well maybe "Underpass" is just as good. The Knife surely must have been taking notes, mood wise anyway.
11 Poke 'er 'ole - Add N To(X)
I was a great "Crack Den Moment" with this song over in London, summer 05.
12 Girl's Night Out - The Knife
Feck I wish I had a car, the Knife make perfect night drive music.
13 Think That It Might - Altered Images

This version sounds like it's been recorded of the radio on dirty tape head and this Peel Session version is miles better than the album version which the video is for .
14 Cassettesingle - Fujiya & Miyagi
Picked up 3 copies of this 10" for €15 from HMV, I suppose I really only needed the one copy, but what the heck.
15 Messages - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

A great collage of 80s adverts.
16 Sun Ra - dEUS
New album out soon and the 1st single of it feature Karin Dreijer of the Knife, vid viewable here.

Thats her. Hope you like it was much as I do.
Total Time 1:19:07


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