Wednesday 6 January 2010

Gary War Tonight

Peddler's of good taste Skinny Wolves have the uncanny ablity to bring over your new favourite band before you have even heard of them yet. Tonight is no exception with ex- Areil Pink member Gary War and his spooky disco acid brain rot vibes. He does a wonderful version of my second favourite A.P.P song; "Eye in The Sky", the first being the chopper-tastic Hyper Gamma Spaces. The support bands are not to be missed either, its going to be the first live outing for postpunk slickness; Logikparty. Alsoon the bill are two piece bundle of wonder; Girl Names. who have just recently signed to Capture Tracks, "which is nice".

Gary War - Eye In The Sky.mp3
Gary War - Edge Of Mess.mp3

Deleted Scenes From Forgotten Dreams - The Box Social

Bren Talbot has been a busy bee documenting what we have been up to at the Box Social over the last twelve months. Here's ten "Deleted Scenes" he was kindly unearthed for those who haven't been keeping an eye on the ball.
1. Patrick Kelleher - Doo Wop Covers Set
2. Children Under Hoof - "Holy Mountain" Live Film Score
3. Sex Mongler - Sex. Bat. and Toymonger Collaboration
4. Laura Sheeran - Wonderfulness
5. Hunter- Gatherer - Deadliness
6. Jam with Boys of Summer and Children Under Hoof members etc
7. Hulk - "Alice" Live Film Score
8. Ewa Gigon - Freak Outs
Children Under Hoof - Improv
Toymonger - No Cowards
Thank you to all that passed through our humble shed, it's been a blash.