Tuesday 29 April 2008

Photo Of The Day

More accidental double exposured photos by
my sister Caroline back in 97 and then my
twin brother this year.
I guess giving the "peace sign" was the thing
to do back in 97.
See the first four here.

Beck - Stereopathetic Soulmanure (1994)

One of the better Beck albums,
comprising mostly home demos,
old timey grooves, live performances, and abstract noise experiments.
I bought it for silly money back in the day, but was worth it since it
contains my favourite Beck song "Satan Gave Me A Taco"; Excellent.
Buy It


Thursday 24 April 2008

Chromatics - In Shining Violence (2007)

Here's their Shining Violence record that was
meant to come out on Troubleman Unlimited
Records but they moved to Italians Do It Better
and released only one songs off it on the Italians
Do It Better Compilation. I read that they give
it away on CDRs at shows. So you might be able to
pick up a copy tonight at Andrew Lane Theater.

Go to their Myspace to download more free mp3s
from their new album including an ok cover
of a Kate Bush's classic.
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Tuesday 22 April 2008

Gaspar Noe's "Eva" Trilogy (2005)

Eva 1

Eva 2


Monday 21 April 2008

HEARTSREVOLUTION / Crystal Castles Split EP

Crystal Castles play are playing Cork tonight,
Dublin tomorrow and Belfast on Wednesday.
Heres a split they did with the righteous

Here a fan vid for "1983" which as far as I
know aint on anything else.



Friday 18 April 2008

Kraut Me AmadEUS Mixtape

A night drive mixtape full of Krautrock and kraut-esque tunes.

Side A

01 The Melody Of A Fallen Tree - Windsor For The Derby
These boyos rock the same way American Analog Set rock.
02 Two For Joy - Electrelane
I was pretty shocked that their latest LP wasn't up on alot of end of year list. Defo my favourite album of 2008 and luckily enough, I got to see them before they did a Sleater (indefinite hiatus) Kinney on it. This track
however is of theri epic 2005 release "Axes".
03 All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
Equally shocked that this was song of the year on pitchfork and 2 out of 4 2007 songs on the Hold Back Dawn Mixtape where in their somewhere also. They have abit of taste so.
04 Definite Gaze - Magazine

I have to break things down to classic rock term for my friend Paul sometimes so he understands what iI'm spouting on about. I told him Magazine's debut "Real Life" was the punk equivalent to Meat Loaf
rock Opera "Bat Out Of hell", Flippant but true.
05 Shoulder Pads - The Fall
"Smith's insistence that some tracks (of Bend Sinster, the album this track is of) be mastered from a standard audio cassette which Smith had been carrying around and listening to on a Walkman." Producer John Leckie had to draw the line. Also as it happens Leckie produced the previous track too.
06 Wütendes Glas - Grauzone
Another classic song from the Swish group that gave us "Eisbar".
07 After Eight - NEU!
Very Sad to hear Klaus Dinger, founding member of Kraftwerk, NEU! and La Düsseldorf died on March 20, four days before his 62nd birthday. Go Here for a great live video recorded of the telly of la Düsseldorf doing a live version of "Rheinita". It's great, at the start they don't want to go on and the studio breaks down into a big unsure chaotic mess at the end. It reminds me of the cover of that Moondog Record. Two different worlds.
08 Nightclubbing - Iggy Pop
Taken from "The Idiot".
09 TriTraTrullala - Joachim Witt
Here is the excellent vid for Herbergsvater which is a different version TriTraTrullala

10 Mr No - John Foxx
A b- side that better than everything on his debut album, well maybe "Underpass" is just as good. The Knife surely must have been taking notes, mood wise anyway.
11 Poke 'er 'ole - Add N To(X)
I was a great "Crack Den Moment" with this song over in London, summer 05.
12 Girl's Night Out - The Knife
Feck I wish I had a car, the Knife make perfect night drive music.
13 Think That It Might - Altered Images

This version sounds like it's been recorded of the radio on dirty tape head and this Peel Session version is miles better than the album version which the video is for .
14 Cassettesingle - Fujiya & Miyagi
Picked up 3 copies of this 10" for €15 from HMV, I suppose I really only needed the one copy, but what the heck.
15 Messages - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

A great collage of 80s adverts.
16 Sun Ra - dEUS
New album out soon and the 1st single of it feature Karin Dreijer of the Knife, vid viewable here.

Thats her. Hope you like it was much as I do.
Total Time 1:19:07


If you liked this, more mixtapes are available Here

Thursday 17 April 2008

Photo Of The Day

My twin brother accidental re-exposured a roll of
film that turned out to be already used by my big
sister Caroline back in 97, when she was 17. There's
the first four.
Accidental double exposure
My twin bro and sister 11 years apart.

The best thing is Boots didn't charge John for the photos.

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Jessie Evans - Jessie Evans Ep ((They're Giving It Away No.3)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Post Punk Saxiness from Berlin's
Jessie Evans. Heres a 3 Track cd
a friend picked up at her gig back in
December. As the man says, "Nice".
1. Is It Fire
2. Scientist Of Love
3. Class Magic

You can download each track from her
Myspace or get .rar in comments.

Sunday 13 April 2008

Patrick Kelleher - He Has To Sleep Some Time (Virtual 7" No.2)

patrick kelleher
"I'll never be a Bowie,
I'll never be a Eno.
I'll only ever be a Gary Numan"
- Smog
Rugby/Glendaloch native Patrick Kelleher took thoughs words to heart but he sure makes accomplished full sound using a cheap old Yamaha keyboard his parents bought
him when he was 12 and a battered drums kit. The title track with its casio dg10 drum track pulsates like "A Zombie/Vampire Cop Car Chase on a hot summer night in San Fran." While the hypnotic "Mulitipass" sounds like an organic John foxx track with lush Hot chip esque vocal track. Great Stuff Indeed.

For more free downloads and hear songs of his new
outstanding EP go to his Myspace Page.

Download He Has To Sleep Some Time (Virtual 7").

Saturday 12 April 2008

Shit and Shine - Am I A Nice Guy? (Duffy's Ditties No. 5)

Another story song thingy, this time from
four drummers strong "Shit and Shine" taken
of their new album "Cherry".

Am I A Nice Guy? MP3.

Buy Cherry here.


Thursday 10 April 2008

The Late Cord - Lights From The Wheelhouse (2006)

An ethereal collaboration between John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies) and Micah P.
Hinson. "The Late Cords debut EP, Lights from the Wheelhouse, is certainly prayerful,
a deep, contemplative blend of the acoustic and electronic, the traditional and
experimental, the lyrical and abstract. Here, a slow, simmering organ shares the space
with a jack-in-the-box thumb piano, crackly synth loops and incantatory choruses.
There, a tentative guitar and droning organ frame the mood for a world-weary voice
while electronic droplets patter like moisture in an abandoned building." -
The Late Cords's Myspace

I found it on vinyl nearly two years ago and didn't even know it existed and what a
find it turned out to be. I ended up buying it again on cd so that I could have it on a
digital format. So here it is, the most beautiful thing you will hear this week

Buy it for £4.50 from 4AD records themselves
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Friday 4 April 2008


style="font-weight: bold;">
It's a year and a day since I first posted this,
I have 4 new mixtape waiting in wings but
after reading this , I decided to repost this
little baby again,since someone deleted the
link an age ago. It was really hard not to put
up all the videos because they are all really
outstanding, so defo click on the links to
This product contains:
. Corrosive Post Punk (1-4),
. Sax Girl Party Bop (5-7),
. Synth Paranoia (8-10),
. Tuneful Cheese(11-13),
. 3/4 American, 1/4 Scotish
Indie (14-17)
. Big Bootie Rhythms (18-20).

01 Burning Spear - Sonic Youth
First song of their first record "Sonic
Youth", 1982, no better way to start a
80s mix. Go HERE for amazing live live footage.
02 Return The Gift - Gang Of Four
You know the deal by now.
03 Asbestos Lead Asbestos - World Domination Enterprises
The most corrosive guitar sound you will
ever hear.
04 The Fish Needs A Bike - Blurt
Ted Milton is/was the new Damo Suzuki.
05 Aerasol Burns - Essential Logic
Try not to freak out to much in the street listening
to this.
06 Debbie Harry - Family Fodder
For montage vid go HERE.
07 Never Say Never - Romeo Void
This video is me and my old lady.
08 Underpass - John Foxx
Played this 7" to death.

09 Isolation - Joy Division
10 Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat What can I say,
the video says it all.

11 Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart
He when on to write songs for "The Bodyguard" soundtrack,
something cheesey like that anyways, but this is ace and again
another amazing video.

12 Out of Touch - Hall And Oates
A different (better) version to the one in this silly video, and
the drumer has a size complex

13 Addicted to Love - Ciccone Youth
Great cover, the youth at their poppist, for vid go Here
14 Fourh Of July - Galaxie 500
I wish I heard this in my teens. Oh and they are playing Ireland
in May, well 2/3 are.

15 Moscow nights - The Feelies
A Friend of Mine made up a new wave mixtape,
and this gem was on it and all he knew was the
name of the song and he wasn't even that keen on
it. Fucking hell, that build up, totally consumes me,
on first listen, I could understand how how he didn't
love and expressly since it was on one of his mixtape.
Anyhows, I eventually found out it was The Feelies
and consequentially have been disappointed by
everything I've heard from them since. I'm still not
sure why this song and the previous song by Galaxie
500 aren't massive anthems, that every indie rocker
has. Or are they and if so how come I only hear about
both bands late in 2006.
16 I Ran - Flock Of Seagulls
There as so underrated and just because they go to
the "Darkside" that is pop, great pop is certainly is.

17 I Could Be Happy - Altered Images
The same goes for this Scottish band.
For TOTP vid go Here
18 All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls
Rick James sure knows how to make a groove.

19 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - Michael Jackson
Love the "Your a vegetable" freak out in this song.
For Vid go HERE.
20 It's Alright - ESG

Good Luck and Enjoy


Thursday 3 April 2008

Milosh + Colours Move + Storkboy Choons + Donal Dineen = Happy Days


is playing on Wednesday, 09 April, Upstairs
in Whelans, €10, and support comes from Colours Move
and Storkboy Choons and (the only reason you would turn
the radio on) Donal Dineen will be providing visuals for
most of the night along side Ailbhe Miller,Laura DeBurca
and Darragh McCausland.
Canada's Milosh is in the same strand of elecronica as
Junior Boys and Hot chip, with great beats dipped in
honey sweet vocals.
For "You Fill Me" with his always smooth R'n'B vocal
and is the most sexed up track on from his excellent
"Meme" album, and the utterly beautiful "I'm Trying"
Also check out Colours Move Myspace and Storkboy
Choons Myspace
for free mp3 downloads.

Heres a vid for "Simple People" of his 2004 album
which I'm almost sure is in Chris Morris Best show,

Link In Comments.