Wednesday 30 January 2008

January Blues - Mixtape

Another month, another mixtape with blues in it's title.

01 Everything Means Nothing To Me - Elliot Smith
02 Muzzle Of Bees - Wilco

03 Just Like The Rain - Richard Hawley
Video viewable here
04 In The Morning - The Coral

05 All The Wine - The National
06 Modern Girl - Sleater-Kinney
07 7/4th(shoreline) - Broken Social Scene
Video viewable here
08 Daddy Never Understood - Deluxx Folk Implosion
Got this of "Kids" OST as well as "The Natural One" but
found a nice video of the song accompenied by footage
of the underrated slacker film "The Doom Generation" by
Gregg Araki. Check out Mysterious Skin by him, which is
also great.

09 Vitamin C - Can


10 Black Cat - Broadcast
Video viewable here
New album out this year. Can't wait.
11 The Natural One - Folk Implosion
Video viewable here
12 Sorted With Es And Whizz - Pulp
13 Did U Feel It Too - The Go! Team
14 Foolish Harp (Waerera) - The Bhundu Boys
The soundtrack to Tartan video montage of films
at the start of their Vhs.
15 Here We Go (live) - Arab Strap
16 A Ribbon - Devendra Banhart

17 Honey Bunny - Vincent Gallo
There is a really great video of with song, with women
in their underwear spinning around on a revolving floor,
like real life ballerinas in music boxes One of the
ladies is Paris Hilton. He even was a song on "When"
album called "I Wrote This Song For The Girl Paris Hilton".
"Now for ya".
18 Colour Me Once - Violent Femmes
The omly thing good about "The Crow" is this song and the
NIN cover of Joy Division. Speaking of Joy Division...
19 Decades - Joy Division

20 Your Face - Colder
So Good, wonder what he is at this weather.
21 Jc - Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth performing JC on Later with Jools Holland, 1992 viewable here.
22 I Am - Scott Niblett
Got in to her through he cover of "I Am" album. have a look see here.

Total Time 1:19:58
Perfect for a CDR
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cletus_buckley said...

snow said...

thanks cletus :3

backfromthebeach said...

Thanks for another great mix tape. Perfect for adding a bit of a chill to a sweltering summer here in Heath's hometown.

cletus_buckley said...

Cheers to both.
Sad to hear about Heath. I used to watch sweat and roar was a young fella. Yeah so sad.