Tuesday 26 August 2008

Oneida - The Adversary

Oneida - The Adversary from Gerard Duffy on Vimeo.
Here a stop motion video I made when Oneida came over for a three date Irish tour. Some of the photographs from this video are available to view here.

Sunday 24 August 2008

Lonski and Classen

I went to Berlin, camped in a great campsite called Tentstation, full of trees and an empty olympic size swimming pool. The girl at the reception played some amazing records in the bar in the campsite. I did some field recording inside the pool with tree and crickets going mad and this beautiful ethereal record playing out from the bar's tannou. Then I realize it wasn't a record when people started to clap at the end. Turns out that the "beautiful ethereal record" playing was Lonski of Lonski and Classen playing live, looping guitar, bass and voice to a theurgical effect. Here's two of the recordings and a wonderful vid for Dedication of their self titled debut LP.

Lonski and Classen - Strain Everything (Fieldrecording Tentstation, Berlin August 08).mp3
Lonski and Classen - Untitled (Fieldrecording, Tentstation, Berlin August 08).mp3
Buy Lonski and Classen LP

Saturday 23 August 2008

Photo Of The Day

patrick kelleher hulla hooping

Tuesday 19 August 2008

"How _______ Lost His/Her Groove, But Eventually Got it Back" Mixtape

Found photo by spirits.livejournal.com.

There is one of a two compilations I made back to back in my IADT college days, that I listened to again recently. Good stuff me thinks.

Repetitive analog krautrock indie, raw punk rock, crazy german new wave and a dollop of tear jerking country.
01 Continuious Hits Music - The American Analog Set
Taken from the wonderful and their best album; Promise of Love.
02 The Natural Anthem - Postal Service
03 Crazy Love - Colder

04 Fire Engine - Iggy Pop
A rare cut from his Nuggets, a collection of rare & unreleased tracks from 77 till 83
05 Rock & Roll Nigger - Patti Smith
06 Janie Jones - The Clash
07 I Only Want YouEagles Of Death Metal

08 Shot Shot - Gomez

09 Cool In The Pool - Holger Czukay
10 Golden Reiter - Joachim Witt

11 Metronomic Underground - Stereolab
"Full Groove"
12 Moby Octopad - Yo La Tengo
13 Fell Of The Floor, Man - dEUS
14 Spinal Meningitis - Ween
16 Dacw Hi - Super Furry Animals
15 Danny (Lonely Boy Blue) - Conway Twitty
17 No Dancing - Smog
This song always reminds me of this scene in Mean Streets.

18 It's Over - The Beta Band

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Saturday 16 August 2008

Anyone In Dublin Looking For A New Flatmate Or Two.



Caethua - Miles and Miles Away MP3
Jens Lekman (Feat Calvin Johnson) - Pocket Full Of Money MP3

Looks like I got a new house.

Wednesday 13 August 2008

Diamond Vampire - Night Operations mix

Diamond Vampire are not only making all 6 shiney appeagator disco grooves free to download from their myspace, they are also giving up a "Fabulous darling", sharp 70s disco lane swapping "Night Operations mix". It rocks as much as their music does, I've been keeping their track "Friday Nights" on repeat since I heard, great for cycling up hills.


Sylvester, then>
Glass Candy - I Always Say Yes
Cerrone - Supernature

Baby Ford - Disconoddy
Kelly Marie - New York at Night
Amanda Lear - Follow Me

Lillica Libertine - Acid House
Giorgio Moroder - The Chase
Tamiko Jones - Can't Live Without Your Love
Download Diamond Vampire - Night Operations mix via their Myspace.

Monday 11 August 2008

Michael Gordon - Light is calling

Film By Bill Morrison
"Bill Morrison (director) took this decaying piece of film and breathed new life and style into it, creating a visual experience that is so striking and original - IMDB." The Film used is "The Bells" (1926), based on a poem by E.A.Poe.

Friday 8 August 2008

Wednesday 6 August 2008

Atlas Sound - Micro Mix 2

I keep coming back to this mix, its the first post I seen on Deerhunter/Atlas Sound / Lotus Plaza Blog; Wonderful photo, wonderful mix.


1. the index - rainy starte
2. raincoats - shouting out loud
3. elf power - grand intrusion call
4. gong - love is how you make it
5. bongwater - julia
6. broadcast - microtronics 16
7. disco inferno - it's a kid's world
8. martin rev - baby oh baby
9. stereolab - abc (godz cover)
10. suburban lawns - janitor
11. telepathe - i can't stand it (from rare book room comp)
12. dirty projectors - police story
13. washington phillips - lift him up that's all
14. the b-52's - 52 girls (live on WUOG 1978, courtesy of Henry Owings)

Download It Here From Deerhunter/Atlas Sound Blog

Sunday 3 August 2008

Banjo Or Freakout - Upside Down EP (They're Giving It Away No.10)

Joyous messy folk with delayed acoustic guitar, looped vocals and crackle water chimes. More wonderful stuff and free for all, the last couple of weeks have been to good of free album/mixs and eps from the artist themselves. Download this 3 track bundle of joy from Banjo Or Freakout's Blog Here

Friday 1 August 2008

Calvin Johnson Mixtape - "Behind The Iron Curtain" (Cassette Rip)

Here's a "Soviet - Era Rock and Pop" Mixtape made by Calvin Johnson from his record collection. The sound quality full of hiss and pops of Calvin records and then the joys of Cassette rip audio, but it contains some very interesting stuff. I hear the new Nelly record is very much a sister record to this mixtape.

Side A
General - I'm So Lazy (Hungary)
Illes - Wo Ist Julie (E. Germany)
Niemen - Wloczega (Poland)
The Olympics - Oh Darling, Lieb Mich Mehr (Czech Rep.)
Gruppe ABC - Du Willst Zuiel (Poland)
Locomotive G.T. - Royal Blues [Gipszeld Be A Kezed] (Hungary)
Ensemble Sincron - Einsame Pappeln (Romania)
M Tarnowski/U. Padziak Szukaj Mnie - Wolaj Mnie (Poland)

Side B
Zodic - Pacific (Latvia)

Olympic - Black Mass For The Nuclear God (Czech Rep.)
Indexi - Svijet U Kome Zivim (Yugoslavia)

Bayon - Die Lerche (E. Germany)
Czerwone Gitary - Cóż Ci Więcej Mogę Dać(Poland)
The Matadors - I Feel so Lonely (Czech. Republic)
Centric - Rauch Am Horizont (E. Germany)

Niebiesko-Czarni - Zostało mi po tobie (Poland)
Same artist, different song.

Team 4 - Ich Hab‘ Ihr ins Gesicht Gesehen (E. Germany)

Download Side A

Download Side B

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