Monday 2 April 2007

Arab Strap - Mad For Sadness (1999)

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A live album from Scotland's finest. Recorded in London in
1998, 'Mad For Sadness' is culled primarily from songs of
their 2nd album 'Philophobia',as well as material from
singles/eps and one track of 1996's 'The Week Never Starts
Round Here'. This album can unite a room full of music
partisans, intoxicating them with it's lush hypnotic soundscapes
and staggeringly honest and beautiful lyrics. I neverely
always hate 'Live' albums but this is Essential Stuff and from
a band named after a sexual device that props up problematic
erections. Great.

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cletus_buckley said...

The Puzzler said...

thanks for uploading this record, I'm just about to finish the download :D

Greetings from Chile

satyr said...

Thanks a lot for this one.