Wednesday 29 September 2010

The Fleshtones

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Holy Spirits - The Afternoon's Blood EP (They're Giving It Away No.20)

Some hauntingly good voice sampling action from NYC's Holy Spirits. "White Walls" is taken from their séance folk ep; "The Afternoon's Blood" which can be downloaded for free from their bandcamp site.

Vietnam Street Songs

Two blind woman creating the most enchanting busking music I've ever heard.

Monday 27 September 2010

What Olof Dreijer Did Next

Euphoric wave after synthwave helps to keep this eleven minute track up, buzzy and full of breathable bliss. If only more electronic music had as much heart as this, the B side to Olof Dreijer three EP under the name Oni Ayhun.

Oni Ayhun - OAR003-B.mp3

Monday 20 September 2010

An Indication: Something Is Present

Here is a video of "An Indication: Something Is Present" a shadow puppet play that was a collaboration project between artists Ceara Martyn and Anna Davies. The video was shot live during it's brief three day run in the Joinery last May. I did a live score during each performance and helped animate the intro sequence.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Pylon - Beep

Taken from their 83 record, "Chomp".

Thursday 2 September 2010

"Act da Fool" A Film By Harmony Korine

Will Trash Humpers very get a European release? Oh speaking of Trash Humpers you seen Fever Rays new live costumes yet?

P.I.L. For The Picnic

No Wobble, no Levene, no fun? And clashing with Roxy Music, but I'm certainly lured in to seeing them in the chance to hear any of their above gems live.
PIL play the Electric Arena on Friday 22.45 - 00.00
For a handy andy printable highlightable Electic Picnic time table go Here.

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Wild Nothings

Jack Tatum aka Wild Nothings as made the album of summer 2010; Gemini. This twelve track LP is full of lush Robin Guthrie guitar dream pop on top of rockin' Flock Of Seagulls's sheer catchyness. Its hard not to be upbeat and freewheelin' in it's presences. The album is more than just homage to the pastel shoegazing forefathers of the 80s, JackTatum has carved out bewitching and endearing song after song that rewards with every repeat spin.
The video for album opener "Live In Dreams" with its datomoshed film fragments of past youth merges with the song beautifully. It's certainly up there with Xui Xui's video for best pop promo Ive seen so far this year.

The Witching Hour.mp3
Buy It At Your Local Record Store Before It Closes Down.