Tuesday 17 April 2007

Fujiya And Miyagi - Transparent Things (2006)

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Took me a while to get into this British band with a Japanese moniker. I thought sometimes their influences were a bit too obvious. "Conductor 71" could be a NEU! song and the vocal on "Collorbone" sounds like "Dizzy Dizzy" by Can. But with further listens Fujiya And Miyagi's own sound becomes more apparent. "Transparent Things" is now one of my favourite albums that i have heard so far this year . They are playing Electric Picnic (Ireland's answer to Glastonbury) this year along with fellow Kraut rockers "Electrelane" (see Below), Bjork and Sonic Youth amongst others. Well worth a look as last years picnic was the best festival i ever been too. (Primavera Sounds is full of "Too Cool To Dance" crowd. Reading and Oxygen are full of riotous 16 year olds).

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Electric Picnic
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Thank you very much, I've been looking for this one for quite a while... keep on blogging! :)