Thursday 1 November 2007

The National - S.T. (2001)

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Nearly two years ago, I was down in Sound Cellar about
to buy a ticket to see The National play their first
ever Irish show and the girlfriend and I were heading
down the stairs of Sound cellar when she seen on the
wall a poster for the show and she noticed the date,
19 of November. She quickly informed me what that was
the same date that she was born twenty years previous
and we will be in Limerick for her birthday blowout.
Natural I was gutted since Alligator was up there with
"The Woods" and "Tender Buttons" as one of my favourite record
of that year. So two years on and another album out, that
can only be described as Classic, my second chance on
All Souls Day to see for the first time one of my favouite band.
Fuck Yeah.

To celebrate here is their first and worst album, "The National",
but considering the pedigree of their other albums, it's only ok.
I also put up a while ago the excellent "Cherry Tree" Ep
which was a bridge between "Sad Songs..." and Alligator. It still
available here.
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Anonymous said...

Cathal. said...

Well how was the gig? Live up to your expectations? I got a ticket this evening to see them here next Thursday. I nearly died when I discovered they were still on sale. And the curse has been lifted, managed to download that Cherry Tree EP with no hick-ups. Oh happy days. I was talking to someone about them and mentioned you and said 'friend of mine' and pissed my hole laughing, yes. Ok laterz. Also I never realised that 'About Today' was not on Alligator. You shoved it on the end of the copy you gave me. Makes for quite a different ending to Mr November I'll say. OK bye for real now.

cletus_buckley said...

Show was great, they came on for a second encore which they said they rarely do and played 'About Today' and 'Start a War'. Other than 'About Today' they play only from the last two albums, was kind of hoping for cherry tree but i cant complain.
sound you got a ticead anyways.

myinlandempire said...

I saw them last night, it was absolute class, I was never the bigggest fan of theirs before, I mean I loved Alligator but was still a bit unsure of the whole of Boxer, but last night really helped me appreciate them even more. So glad I went, they are just a great band live.