Tuesday 27 November 2007

Hefner - I Took Her Love for Granted

Geez I love this band, why did they not become massive.
This was my first glimspe into their brillance. The
track is taken from their 1999 "The Fidelity Wars"
album. The main dude; Darren Hayman as well as solo
work now plays with Ellis Island Sounds


Clockwork Rob said...

I fucking love Hefner. The Fidelity Wars is the best album about relationships ever made. Have you heard their later more electro-y stuff? 'The Hefner Brain' is an Ep worth listening to. Great stuff.

cletus_buckley said...

Thats mad, burnt you "We Love The City" for your birthday. Sorry i didnt make it out, weather to shitty to cycle and was going to get the bus up at foxrock but missed the offy so thought no point heading out empty handed.
hope you had a good one and ill see you at d.deacon or thurton moore/liars on tuesday