Wednesday 18 July 2007

Broadcast - Tender Buttons (2005)

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I think I probably listen to this album more than any
other album last year. It's their last album and first
with out a drummer and as a result, with the addition
of a drum machine the album is full of noisy analog
circling grooves. You could cycle for miles with "Black
Cat" on your headphones and many a steep hill that song
has helped me climb. Any regulars will know the song
"Michael A Grammar" which I put on "Silence Is A Rhythm
Mixtape" which is a bona fide classic. It's been quite
in the Broadcast camp of late, but at the start in the
year there was talk of an new album dropping maybe by
the end of the year. Here's hoping it's as good as this

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Anonymous said...

myinlandempire said...

hey man, sorry i never got back to you ages ago after your comment on my blog. just saying you get some amazing stuff on here as well, i keep on coming back here all the time. infact i like so much i'm thinking of changing from livejournal to blogger. i had look through pages i couldn't find anything by adem, the bassist of fridge, it's great i can give you a link if you want. it's in the vein of tunng, micah p. hinson, king creosote, new folk i suppose, but you've probably heard off it. anyway keep up the good work man.


Dan said...

if you want an Adem album i can upload one?

Brown Shoe said...

Great album. I saw them in Boston on this tour and they shredded the Paradise! They rocked, not in a Stereolab way but with guitars! Great band. I look forward to their next one. Nice blog btw!

Dan said...

I got a new blog I've started and need participation in.

Please, come and play.

myinlandempire said...

adem - homesongs

i would definitely give this a listen, maybe he was having an off day, i heard he was amazing at glastonbury this year, i slept through it and was completley gutted.

Anonymous said...

can you please re-upload this album? i lost my cd copy!! and really miss it.