Saturday 24 November 2007

Dosh - Naoise EP (2004)

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First became aware of Martin Dosh thought Andrew Bird
and then a friend gave me a mix with one of his songs on it,
Had to get more and this is a great Ep he released a
couple of years back and is a good introduction to the wonderful
world of Martin Dosh.

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cletus_buckley said...

Mark said...

Hey J -

Met you at Mantua in Roscommon in July, I'm a friend of Andy B's. ('Hope we get to hear some reggae.' 'Oh, is there reggae on?') Tried to find your site before, only did now. Very impressive. good work. Drop a line if you like -

Valentin said...

tnx for commenting:) Good blog you have here. WIll dig around thats for sure. wanna trade links?

cletus_buckley said...

A, o Valentin, no bother with the link trade. Hope you like some of my mixs. The hawain mix is great.