Tuesday 27 March 2007

Morvern Callar Soundtrack (2002)

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One of my favourite films and my favourite soundtrack. Got me into Krautrock, Electronica and Ween, and unlike most soundtracks where the songs are tacked on, the soundtrack here is made up of songs from 'Music For You' mixtape given to Morvern for christmas by her dead boyfriend (who just killed himself on Christmas Eve). We hear the songs as she listens to them on her walkman. Turning her working days at a supermaket in to a magical carpet ride, hypnotic, memorising and one of the best films ever made. What more can i say, oh the novel by Alan Warner is quality and is dedicated to Holger Czukay (Can Bassist and producer maestro)

1. Can: I Want More
2. Aphex Twin: Goon Gumpas
3. Boards Of Canada: Everything You Do Is A Balloon
4. Can: Spoon
5. Stereolab: Blue Milk (edit)
6. The Velvet Underground: I'm Sticking With You
7. Broadcast: You Can Fall
8. Gamelan Drumming
9. Holger Czukay: Cool In The Pool
10. Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Hold Of Death
11. Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra: Some Velvet Morning
12. Ween: Japanese Cowboy
13. Holger Czukay: Fragrance
14. Aphex Twin: Nannou

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John Lyre said...

Gran música, gran película. Cuando vi a Morvern Callar caminando por el supermercado con Some Velvet Mornig de fondo interpretada no por Primal Scream terminé de enamorarme de ella. Gracias por este disco y felicitaciones por tu gusto.