Wednesday 7 March 2007

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Two Eps

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Here's two singles/Eps from the man who seems to do no
wrong. The B- sides of No More Workhouse Blues got my
friend into Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. Ruby is the heaviest and
darkest he has very gone, and The Kiss is heartbreakingly
beautiful, defo one for the ladies.

Dir: Harmony Korine

Dir: Mike Piscitell

I Gave You is one of the best song he was ever writing and
the B- sides to it are in my opinion better than most of the
songs on Superwolf his collaboration with Matt Sweeney;
Matt wrote the music to Will's lyrics.

Download No More Workhouse Blue
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Download I Gave You
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Anonymous said...

fantastic video. he is wearing the same red hoodie tracksuit thing in the video for 'cursed sleep'. maybe its a theme in a rose bud kind of way. this blog is the bestest website ive ever seen by the way. paddy

Paulo Duarte Barbosa said...

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Can you set this link to public?

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