Tuesday 27 March 2007

Buffalo 66 Soundtrack (1998)

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Beautiful, lush, ethereal recordings from the man who tried to sell his sperm on e-bay for a million dollars; Vincent Gallo. He wrote, directed, stared and scored this wonderful film.
1. Lonely Boy (V. Gallo) 2:29
2. A Falling Down Billy Brown (V. Gallo) 2:14
3. Fools Rush In (V. Gallo Sr.) 3:04
4. Moonchild (King Crimson) 2:26

5. Drowning in Brown (V. Gallo) 2:40
6. A Somewhere Place (V. Gallo) 3:36
7. A Wet Cleaner (V. Gallo) 3:18
8. Sixteen Seconds Happy (V. Gallo) :16
9. I Remember When (Stan Getz) 2:58
10. With Smiles & Smiles & Smiles (V. Gallo) 2:55
11. Heart of the Sunrise (Yes) 10:34
12. Sweetness (Yes) 4:19
13. A Cold & Grey Summer Day (V. Gallo) 3:34
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Anonymous said...

i would be very happy if this download link was avaible.
please help if you can.

j. said...

Too,i love´d if for possible avaible download thank´s.

Anonymous said...

you can find a .rar file here

Gusné said...

Thanx a lot Anonymous!