Tuesday 1 July 2008

Vivian - A Film By Bruce Conner

For some of his found footage work check out the Eno and Bryne film
and check out the truely great Mongoloid film both featured already
on this blog. The song is by 'Danny Lonely Boy Blue' Himself Conway
Twitty but the orginal version was written for " the movie Captain
Carey USA and sung by Nat King Cole. It won the Academy Award
for best song in 1950." Thanks to Hearing Double for the info. Here's
the Nat King Cole version.

Conway Twitty - Mona Lisa Mp3


Alex said...

Thought I'd forward this on...


cletus_buckley said...

Cheers for the link, sad to hear of this passing, the article is right "MTV should have paid him royalties."
Thanks again.