Saturday 19 July 2008

Little Claw

For all that are still waken up in cold sweats thinking you could have prevented Sleater kinney's departure for this cruel business called show. Well we all have those sleepless nights but we cant change the past, but to look farward and with another power pop three piece in toe we can. Little Claw with their grawl voiced female singer and no bass player to be seen, Little Claw are drawn from the same blue print as our beloved departed and they sound it to, more ramshakled but just as hipnotic.
Their debut is out now on Ecstatic Peace and can be Bought Here and your right "Movies For You" is pure TMNT.
Little Claw - Hobo Baby Zeus.mp3
Little Claw - Movies For You.mp3
Little Claw - Polar Bear.mp3

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