Friday 27 June 2008

Videohippos Tonight, Crawdaddy

"Unbeast The Leash" is my second favourite album of last
year, second only to fellow Baltamore noise merchant,
"Sonic Warrior" Dan Deacon. Every song is an instant classic
and "Bear Fight" is my favourite song of last year, ok Bill
Callahen's "Diamond Dancer" is defo up they to. Here is the
first two songs of the record, hopefuly they will have some
vinyl at the show tonight, their Irish debut in crawdaddy,
midnight start I think. Again apologies to all the chin wank
indy kids if/when my fralling limbs hit. But fuck personal space,
fuzzed up punk casio rock rule ok.
And as the poster reads, Cork tomorrow, no one goes to
gigs in cork but it will still be way better that the shitty dublin

The List.mp3
Buy Unbeast The Leash

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