Wednesday 11 June 2008

The Bear People - Virtual 7" (No.4)

The Virtual 7" series continuous, this time from Waterford's Dave Grimes
Aka The Bear People. I came across The Bear People on a late night
myspace leap frogging session. I was instantly hooked on ,"Farfisa and 808"
with its pounding krautrock beat and heavenly Farfisa distorts and builds
and builds up to a cosmic drone estacy that La Düsseldorf would be proud
of. The second song on the virtual 7" is Black Lodge, which Dave admitted he
thought it was a thowaway till he listened back to it a year later. Well I can't
get enough of it's eerie Beach House esque percussion what sounds like sail
bearings hitting the mast and dreamy guitar melody on top. Check out his
myspace for more deadly download. Hopeful gig promoters will eventually
cop on to him and other quality bands and artists here at home and not just
promote bands from abroad. I know I'm really looking forward to a live
outing from this stupidly talented Artist.

Download The Bear People - Virtual 7"
For the whole Virtual 7" series so far go here.


pentagrimes said...

I had no idea my kid brother was releasing "virtual 7"s".

someone needs to put out a real one for him.

The Underground of Happiness said...

absolute killer, that farfisa track
just came across it via this article
will be reposting, details to follow