Wednesday 4 June 2008

Awesome Color - Eyes Of Light (Duffy's Ditties No.14)


Awesome Color must have ate their Stooges serial in the
morning. They are as raw and brutel as Iggy and Co ever
where. These freshed faced fellows are on Thurston
Moore label to which is most of the time a good thing.
They are hitting Ireland this weekend.
Irish Tour Dates
Saturday 7 June 2008 Club Ping Pong Cork
Sunday 8 June 2008 Upstairs at Whelans Dublin
Monday 9 June 2008 TBC Belfast

Eyes Of Light MP3


Adam said...

I've only just found the blog. fuck'n deadly. Have seen the Cletus monicker knocking around but never saw the actual blog. I'm gonna have a proper snoop around, cheers.

cletus_buckley said...

Hi-de-ho adam,
thanks for the encouraging word, your blogs not to shabby itself.