Sunday 1 June 2008

One Grain More - The Town Fair E.P. (They're Giving It Away No.4)

Sad news was transmitted over the auld wireless this evening.
"One Grain More" are no longer. I first hear them after pickin
up Havin' A Ball 7" from Road Records, hopefully more people will
now jump on their bandwagon now that the end is nigh.
They can only get more exposure in death than what they ever
got when they were hitting the hightways and byways of cruel
Britannia. I always thought they come across like a tropical Blurt.
See what you think yourself, you can download their last ever ep
for free of the main man from One Grain More own site here.

And/Or go down to your friendly local record shop and buy their
last album "Isle of Grain". The only regret you will have is not
buying it sooner.

Buy Isle of Grain Lp from their record Label For £8/€10.19/$15.83

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