Tuesday 12 February 2008

The Sundowners - Goat Songs Ep (1993)

Bill Callahan/Smog + Palace Brothers/Will Oldham = The Sundowners.
The only Sundowners release, a 6 songs 7" collabration between
Bill Callahan and Will Oldham for 1993. They may or may not have
named this project after the 1950s western by the same name, but it's
all up in 12 parts on youtube. I haven't watched it so don't blame me
if the whole film is crud. The first part is great anyways (see Flash box).
Thanks to "Bonobos Hump To Music" for the heads up an age ago.

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Anonymous said...

O father of the eponymous triangle, any chance we could get a re-up here? You're the only person on the internet who seems to be willing to post this album. I would be forever grateful.


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oh, i thank thee!

Anonymous said...

i think i love you.