Monday 4 February 2008

Gang Gang Dance - RAWWAR EP (2007)

First time i hear of Gang Gang Dance was back in 2006 when
me and my friend paddy went to primavera sounds. We took
trips and we were fairly high after the Violent Femmes
followed by the ridiculously amazing Stereolab, still buzzing and
nowhere to go, we then headed over to Gang Gang Dance just
because of their name. It seemed that their music was catering for
peeps on acid, aural busts of cut up tribal noise with with banshee
wailing and retenia burning strobe lights, it was an amazing experience.
We manage to see them again last year back in September. We only
found out they were playing that night an hour before the show,
cycled in, danced out socks of and when drinking tick tick tequila
with the banshee singer; Nice. Check out some great tour diary
videos on youtube. Here is the first one and here is their last ep.

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