Tuesday 23 June 2009


I took it upon myself to go big at the last moment and do an all day festival in your humble home. The event will feature 8 acts who have already played sweet sets at different box social show over the course of the last 6 months, 4 others yet to thrill out bare concrete walls.
This is sure to be fun, maybe be too much fun.

Thread Pulls
No no wave, roto tom drumming, trumpet/Vocal looping two piece of excellent, Thread Pulls are still the only Irish band to play All Tomorrows Parties Festival. You can download a series of ep for free Here and a great hour long mix can be got here.

Children Under Hoof,
...are five people from various regions of Ireland, brought together in college by a mutual love of Risk, Father Ted and 7"s played at 33 RPM. Members include Limerick's Miss Junior Teen '99, the co-founder of the original Ted Fest, 1/2 of experimental band Ixchel, 1/1 of Patrick Kelleher, and IADT's Best Tash 2006. Their music, vl tone busting/sax swarming/vss sampling/floor tom pounding noise creates a sound that could be described as trying to channel the souls of Robert Rendal, Michael Karoli and Porter Wagoner but failing in a wigi board inferno.

"...Anxiety-ridden, dread-fueled creepers of scraping metal, white noise, and dripping feedback..." - The Adhocist

"Like watching late period Rick Wakeman being attacked by robots made out of old spring coils. And if you don't think that's a pretty appealing vision, well then, you're missing a few mental teeth." - The Wire
Haha too good, well we think he's the bomb.

"Prolific in his work and benevolent with the output offering plenty of electronic goodies for free, Hunter-Gatherer is moody, broody, uplifting, an aural rip curl" - One Shot, Bang Bang

Patrick Kelleher
""You Look Cold" left me hot under the collar, this debut album from 24 year-old, Irish Patrick Kelleher is awe-inspiring in it's genre-bashing brilliance and refreshing take on a myriad of musical references. Swinging from Vincent Gallo's most whispery nonchalance to thumping electro beats circa Talking Heads with David Byrne/ Ian Curtis shouty vocals ('He Has to Sleep Sometime') via an obvious interest early 90s hip-hop, perhaps A Tribe Called Quest most noticeably, no small feat for one man!" - Amelia's Magazine.
This will be a solo show so the beautiful "Cold Dead Hands" will be elsewhere, expect non LP loopy stuff like this maybe or a twenty minite cover of The late great Joe Doyle's "Sweat Little Rock n' Roller" (In your dreams only).

Patrick Kelleher - Last Of The Summer Wine from Gerard Duffy on Vimeo.

Crayonsmith (solo),
"Subtle snatches of melody, classic if sometimes unexpected harmonic twists, droning percussive synths and charming vocals so beautifully layered and produced" - CLUAS on his last LP "White Wonder"

Ewa Gigon creates eerie ethereal loops with plumbing tubes, curtain rains and found metal drums Her wonderful live film scoring show at the box social can be view Here.

Squarehead "a boy who likes melody and is a gameaddict " - Urban Dictionary definition of "Squarehead".

Laura Sheeran carves out a unsettling audio tale with a rich and disturbing lexicon, from singing saws to carne ukulele, looped vocals from voices that sound out like warnings of the industrial revolution.

Mattew Doyle,
With the spunk of Barman, Perkins and Lomax, dubliner Matthew Doyle was been slowly chipping out his own style of post palace blues over that last few years.

Pascals Country Sound's "Slowmo Disco"

Live At The Box Social,
Sat 27tt of june 09
3pm till 1am
7 euros
1/2 in shed, 1/2in house
Barbaque in Garden (weather premitting)

Address: The Shed behind No. 236 South Circular Road, Dublin 8.
Directions: 19 or 122 bus (leaves from O'Connell St heading south), get off at the Mosque (ask driver) and continue in same direction as bus up to the crossroads, take a right down donore avenue and take the first right down a small lane. The Box Social is the third door on the right! See google map link below.

View The Box Social in a larger map

11 acts, 10 hours, 7 in and 3 Duffys on the bill.

Pig Shlaves cant play now, so might have a surprise guess, or not,
Aidan Walsh is a hard man to track down.


STORKBOY said...

Awww, this looks too deadly for words!

Eimhin said...

I hope you guys are indured cause I am gonna wreck the gaff!