Monday 1 June 2009

Declan Kelly - I Don't Know What Else to Do. (Virtual 7 Inch No.5)

After a nearly year long Hiatus, Virtual 7" series is back. Trying to shine a light on thoses who should be exposed on our wee Island and first up Galway native Declan Kelly and two glorious tunes of his.
In my kitchen I wish all three bikes lying upside down didnt all have punctures, because "I Don't Know What Else to Do" is the finest freewheelin' sounds I think I will hear this year. I know, I know in keep mentioning the phrase "Freewheelin'" but it state of being I try to stride for all day. I once had a bike with a buckled back tyre for nearly six months, the bike was against me all the way, tyre hitting against the forks once every rotation. The posse and I would cycle into town from Deansgrange to go to gigs, and I was always the last in, sweaty and exhausted peddling all the way while the others in font would freewheel, legs dangling. I eventually got a new back wheel and the difference was so pronounced and even joyous, there was no slowing me down and Declan Kelly as made the soundtrack to getting the stabilizes off, getting the buckled wheel off and being free and not weigh down by the mechanics and just enjoying the ride.
Oh truly majestic and comforting and simply touching sounds, like the best John Fahey, Jim o' Rourke and Si Schroder numbers roll up into one.

Download Declan Q. Kelly - I Don't Know What Else to Do. (Virtual 7 Inch)

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