Thursday 15 January 2009

V. A. - Songs For Ireland 2008

Here's fifteen songs by fifteen Irish artists and groups that tickled my fancy that you might have missed this year. Oh I read that the Irish equivalent of the nonmerit and frankly who cares Mercury Awards (Choice Music Prize) revealed their nominations yesterday. Surprise, surprise none of eight acts featured here, that released a long player this year are in the running but hey what do I know.
Here's the tracklist:

01 IXCHEL - Clockwork Castles
Epic and ethereal song that I include in the Virtual 7" series I start. Barry and Tim spent their summer up in Portland hang out with Valet, Yellow Swans, White Rainbox and Bradford Cox. At least there are a couple of folks out there that know the wonder of their debut "Dreaming Of"LP. Get IXCHEL's virtual 7" Here.

02 Hulk - We The Burning Night
Elegant opener from Hulk's new album. He was one time member of the amazing The Plague Monkeys and his follow up to "Silver Thread of Ghosts" is just as glacier and roaming. Zithers and bowed bits and bobs shoe stringing together in a land slide that pulls and pushes you in different directions with every listen. Available on Dublin's fine Osaka Records.

03 On Platinum Rays - Sunken Foal
More electronic sweetness with large dollups of organic instruments. This time by Limerick's Sunken Foal who was it happens is playing tonight with Somadrome in whelan. His rightous debut album is out on Planet Mu.

04 Hunter-Gatherer - Snow-globe
Another artist that was featured in that Virtual 7" series, he's efford is available HERE. This track is just as icey as the Hulk song, but more remote and synthetic, great stuff though.

05 Engine Room Orchestra - Proximity
A myspace find, Engine Room Orchestra is the music musings of Brian Flynn. Orchestral hints of Moondog ricoshades in your headphones on this punch punch ditty.

06 Rollers/Sparkers - C.I.E. Action Figures
Oh such a fun and still engrossing record, "Hames" is LP no.2 from Ireland primeir hynotic kings Rollers/Sparkers, total underrated like alot of acts in this list. Available on the always good Lazy Bird Records.

07 Storkboy Choons & Colours Move - Anchorage
Stunning track from Storkboy Choons & Colours Move's wonderful LP made available free by Analogue Magazine Here. You got to put your hands together for Analogue Magazine, they are really leading the way in music publications in our wee island, and two excellent release under their belt which features five of the bands in this list. This track is my new "Lambic 9 Poetry", up up we go song, head spinningly good.

08 Sarsparilla - Over Sexed
Opener of his slick, free ep "Day Rider" get it HERE. "Oh no he didn't" street groove and a sample from the "The Last Dragon". Sarsparilla has got the Midas Touch, check out his debut album 'KARAHEE' if you haven't already, top notch stuff.

09 Supernova Scotia - Capogg
Electro pop sweetness from Kilkenny's Supernova Scotia. This song feature on Analogue mag's free "Peek: Irish Underground" vinyl/cd. Bursting pop goodness with killer synth lines all over it.

10 The Booklovers - She Says
I posted a cover they did of "And Then He Kissed Me" a while back which is twee pop brillance. This song is just as shambolic and sweet and a Stylophone hook that will make you hop bop like a buckfizz skittles induced gittiness.

11 Katie Kim - Heavy Lighting
Forget her song "Radio", it's too Gemma Hayes coping for me anyways, but with this moody, broody track for Waterford's Katie Kim, she as found a sound what is far less a homage and more a statement on entent. Musically it's thunderous and full of woe like the heavier Will Oldams. I'm looking forward in picking up a copy if her "Twelve" LP.

12 Patrick Kelleher - Windertimes Doll
Like a killer's confession with phasing violins from all sides that builds and builds, eventually collapsing with a sharp pin drop din. Patrick Kelleher's "You Look Cold" EP was wonderous listen and will be getting stetched out to a full LP and a proper release in the coming months on Osaka Records. It should be a big year of Mr Kelleher.

13 The Jimmy Cake - Haunted Candle
Spectre & Crown' is as good as their debut and thats saying something, as I still protest that their deleated "Brains" LP is better than anything Godspeed released.

14 Chequerboard - Skating Couple
Another Lazy Bird release. On paper he is Ireland's Juana Molina, both are graphic artist, both are dap hands at the loop pedals and both use the same axe to carve their tunes out with, the noble Spanish guitar. But musical they are quite different, Molina is the rave to Chequerboard campfire gathering but his "Black Penny" LP is just accomplished as Juana Molina last effort. This track, "Skating Couple" as the title suggests, swirls and skids effordlessly flowing further and further up.

15 The Bear People - Static
Stratosphering guitar soundscape from Waterford's The Bear People. It remind me of this scene in Twin Peaks "Fire Walk With Me". I would kill for a live outing, but the man just won't do one, "Come on, come on, come on."

You can get his delish Virtual 7" Here.

Thats it, hope you enjoyed what folks on our wee island have put out in the last 12 months.

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Gardenhead said...

Some gems I know and loads I don't. Will use it as a map into some new sounds. Cheers.

bren said...

Downloading this now... thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love to listen but the download limit has been reached. Any chance that you could repost?

cletus_buckley said...

never used rapidshare before, didnt know there was a limit,
Ill try re uploading it now, but my internet is beening crappy, so could take hours