Thursday 14 October 2010

Tonight, Naked On The Vague

Auzzie gothgarage no wavers Naked On The Vague graced these pages two years ago and now finally they will make their Irish live debut tonight with two Irish upstarts in tow, put on by the always reliable "Skinny Wolves".

Naked On The Vague - Treading Water.mp3


Anonymous said...

cant help but be cynical regarding dublin anti-hipster-hipsters hopping from the punk funk bandwagon to the no-wave bandwagon to the coldwave bandwagon to the krautrock bandwagon to the l.a minimal wave bandwagon to the "whatever brooklyn thinks is cool" bandwagon that skinny wolves (admirable as they are)excels in. dont forget to throw in some triangles and witch house font. can we move on from the 80s please.

cletus_buckley said...

Hi anonymous cynic, hasn't skinny wolves been promoting and djing post punk, kraut and coldwave shit since they started back in 05? So them following ""whatever brooklyn thinks is cool" bandwagon" is a well of the mark. Isn't it simply musical lineage, each genre intertwined with each other, no? Anyways being cynical will kill you quicker than cancer. Maybe check out the site thumped for your possible future cynical hipster wacking needs. A good thread to start on.