Monday 30 March 2009

This Saturday - Hunter-Gatherer, Ilex, Laura Sheeran, Live At The Box Social

Box Social POSTER APRIL 04 09
Another Box Social Show, this saturday.

"Starting with a peal of thunder and the sound of heavy rain, Left For Dead is a narcoleptic electronica track...
building from a haunting synth pattern to a euphoric swell...a dark, ambient piece" - Analogue Magazine

"Left for Dead...quietly invites itself for tea and within hours is cosily wrapped up in your favourite blanket in the living room.
You don’t mind though, as it brings calmness and warmth with it" - Nialler9

You can download several wonderful EP via his myspace

Music to ly in the park to as the girls/boys of summer go by, makes you long for summer days. Its almost reminiscent to "Summer Make Good LP" in it's subtle and understated beauty, creating a world that only these creature exist, with birds and glitch glitch grasshoppers jumping from ear to ear, sounds out pops and bangs to each other high up on in the forest canopy.
You can download Ilex's (then under the alias of Fringe) album "Chairs" for free from the Alphabet set. Click on the photo of the faceless airpilot on the right hand side of the page.

Laura Sheeran
Carving out a unsettling audio tale with a rich and disturbing lexicon, from singing saws to carne ukulele, looped vocals from voices that sound out like warnings of the industrial revolution.

5pm till 9pm-ish
5 euro suggested entry
Bring your own dang booze!

Address: The Shed behind No. 236 South Circular Road, Dublin 8.
Directions: 19 or 122 bus (leaves from O'Connell St heading south), get off at the Mosque (ask driver) and continue in same direction as bus up to the crossroads, take a right down donore avenue and take the first right down a small lane. The Box Social is the third door on the right! See google map link below.,-6.283021&spn=0.002665,0.006909&z=17

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Eimhin said...

Bugger, will be in Belfast, rip the roof off in absentia!

Anonymous said...

Nice one with the "Chairs" download! Good stuff :)

Gardenhead said...

great I'm going to go to this because i've promised Jim I'll go to one of his things for such a while now.

cletus_buckley said...

yo eimhin, there will be another film scoring show anyways on the 18th, hopefully it won't be as intense as the last one, but i was joking that the only way to get a more intense show would be to have bands do the whole of irreversable. Which dawn on me that that would be epic but Ive been told very strongly not to do organise that.

anonymous - Chairs is another jewel in aphabet set crown alright.

Gardenhead - yup come if your not still protecking outside kells's parade commities offices. it should be a good night, and ill be spinning the slowmo vinyls also.

Eimhin said...

I get's ye, Irreversible: not a crowd pleaser. Maybe some racy Jean Cocteau or Murnau? Looking forward to see what you kooks come up with. Give em socks this weekend!

SWALL said...

Haha, funny! That photo you used for Laura Sheeran is, in fact, not her, but me, a good friend of hers.

Hi, I'm Saoirse Wall.