Monday 25 October 2010

Re Up - "Hallowing" Mixtape

Photo: Diane Arbus
I was Listening to this again recently and it's jolly well good if I do say so myself.
A haunted collection of treat fun street grooves and trick doom shake disco hell.
Tracklisting and links after the jump.

01. All Cats Are Grey - The Cure
Hypnotic Beginnings.
02 I'm Falling - Comsat Angels
"The band that Joy Division should have been." - Mark Kermode.
03 No Tobira - Mariah
My new favourite song, thank you to DJ Twitch for the heads up.
04 Falcon Soup - Sarsparilla
Take from his excellent album "Day Rider", available for free from Alphabet Set Records.
05 L'Éléphant - Tom Tom Club
05 Yo Son (Prince Language Edit) - Ahmed Fakroun
Heres a video of the orginal Version.

06 She's The Star (Pocketknife Continual Cornfield Remix) - Arthur Russell
07 Trust No Women - Graf + Zyx
The start of the trick section.
08 The Devil's Trident - Telepathe
Still havent picked up their debut LP on vinyl, two irish shows later and they still haven't brought any over with them.
09 Friday Nights - Diamond Vampires
Super sweet Moroderesque arpeggiator.
10 Actos de maldad - Vam Cyborg

11 Digitalis - Zombi

12 Terror Story - Iron Curtain
Pylon Records have just re release this 83' 7"as well as two other Iron Curtain singles. Buy All here or just get Iron Curtain's Desertion 1982-1988 which is all their original releases (three singles and one EP) on double vinyl or cd also on Pylon Records.
13 Night Running - B/Film
The A side to only release from british post punk "Dark Surf" group, B/Film
14 Denn ich bin so einsam - Joachim Witt
My Joachim Witt obsession isn't running out of stream yet.
15 Waltzing Me All the Way Home - Odetta/The 6ths
And to end a sweet sweet ditty from Stephen Merritt's The 6ths with whats sounds like the accordion singer from The Tiger Lilies but turns out it's Odetta.

Download "Hallowing" Mixtape

Have a good Halloween.


bearpeople said...

deadly mix! was gonna make a halloween mix but im not gonna bother, ill just listen to this instead!

Gardenhead said...

City on 'telly, 24 tins in 'fridge, Hallowing mixtape on 'stereo. Too fookin raght I'm stayin' in.