Friday 28 March 2008

Tonight! Kling Klang (Rock Action)

At The Lower Deck Tonight
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Re -up of Pascal's Country Sounds Mixtape

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A Re -up of the first mixtape I put up on this blog
which was named after this mix. Its abit Honky,
abit doo wop and a little punk but at heart always
'Keeping it Country'.
01. phone Ring
02. Sister Wynona Carr - Dragnet For Jesus
The Gospel of the street according to Sister Wynona Carr.
03. Wilco - Airplane To Heaven
Words by Woodie Gruthrie, Music by Wilco. Great Stuff.
04. Elvis Presley - Mystery Train
Probably my favourite track of his and for some reason it's not in most
Best of. Wonderful film Also.
05. Jerry Lee Lewis - Honky Tonk Rock N' Roll Piano Man
The most roll and roll man to have sat on a piano stool.
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06. Tommy Spurlin And The Southern Boys - Hang Loose
"...Well my favourite pass-time
Is to get myself a nickel or a dime
Slip it in the jukebox-machine
Grab me a kitten in tight blue jeans"
07. Roy Montrell - (Everytime I Hear That) Mellow Saxophone
You can't but dance to this track. "...Rip it, bop it, Davey Crockett".
08. Ween - Powder Blue
I love it when Dean Ween introduces the band and they each in turn
break into their solos, pure country!
09. The Handsome Family - The Sad Milkman
I always envisage the video of this gem by Husband and Wife duo to
be of a vampire milkman, seducing and killing the woman folk as he
delivers his rounds in wee hours of the morning.
10. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I Am A Cinematographer
Great countriafication of Palace song.
11. The Rolling Stones - Country Honk
The two-stepping alter ego of "Honky-Tonk Women".
12. The Beatles - Don't Pass Me By
Ringo's first song he wrote and he sang lead. It became a number one
hit in Sweden too. Quality with a capital Q.
13. Pavement - Father To A Sister Of Thought
Steven Malmus was sure that this was a surefire hit single, but it did
no business. "I was smoking alot of grass when i picked the singles..."

14. Beck - Rowboat
Another classic from Stereopathetic Soul Manure (A Collection of
recordings from 1988 to '93). Only found out recently that Johnny
Cash did a cover of it. Gees that man got around didn't he.
15. The Carter Family - I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
"Twould been better for us both had we never
In this wide and wicked world had never met,
But the pleasure we both seemed to gather
I'm sure, love, I'll never forget".
16. The Slades - You Cheated
Normal doo wop songs are upbeat but this slice from 58' has lyrics
which are full of heartbreak.
17. Captain Beefheart - I'm Glad
From his 1st and his greatest album Safe As Milk 1967. More doo wop,
but more hopefully than the Slades song.
18. The Teen Queens - Eddie My Love
Another classic track from 56. The Teen Queen were 14 and 16 at the
time of recorded this very maturely song. Both died tragically of drug
related deaths.
19. The Damned - Love Song
Solid stuff for the Damned.
20. The Nipple Erectors - Gabrielle
One of the Greatest pop song ever recorded from pre-Pogues singer
Shane MacGowan.
21. Richard Hawley - Wading Through The Waters Of My Time
The most country song he has done. Quite depressing though.
22. Woody Gruthrie - Vigilante Man
I wonder if Walker Texas Ranger was write around this song.
23. Robert Wilkins - Thats No Way To Get Along
Found this track on the "Ghost World Soundtrack". Well worth checking out.
24. Rev. A. W. Nix - Black Diamond Express Train To Hell
Taken from "Goodbye Babylon", a 6 CD gospel collection. 5 CDs contain
135 songs from 1902-1960 and the 6th disc is comprised of 25 sermons
recorded between 1926-1941 which is were this track was taken from.
Always best to end a compilation with fire and brimstone i thought.

Good Luck And Enjoy.
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P.S. In the link replace the "**"s with "tt"s.

Miracle Fortress - Have You Seen In Your Dreams (Duffy's Ditties No.4)

Have You Seen In Your Dreams Mp3

Thursday 27 March 2008

Photo Of The Day

Here's a couple of photos I took when I was at home for Easter.
I watch "The Wire" for the first time, pretty addictive stuff.
Well worth a watch if your still sobbing away since Sopranos

Sunday 23 March 2008

Re - Up of Ivor Cutler - Jammy Smears (1976)

The re-up continues with the wonderful Ivor Cutler who song
"Women of the World" has been cover by Jim o Rourke and

He was a poet, playwright, composer, humourist, actor (He
appeared in The Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour as the bus
conductor Buster Bloodvessel), musician, teacher and a children's
writer. His music is either silly nonsensical ramblings or works
of pure genius. I can't get enough of him, Highly



Thursday 20 March 2008

Aidan John Moffat - Hilary And Back (Duffy's Ditties No.3)

A 10 minute short story from Arap Strap's Aidan John
Moffat of his brill new album. Here's a live vid for
a different song from "I Can Hear Your Heart". Good
to see somebody else digs the cheapo Bontempi Organs.
I have two and a shitty broken drum machine by the
Italian company. They're crap but in a good way.

Hilary And Back Mp3

For the short story that accompanies the album go to

Wednesday 19 March 2008

Tuesday 18 March 2008

Foggy Notions -Foggy CD 01

The best Irish music magazine ever and always with a free
cd that put all other music mag cds to shame. Its all gone
quiet on the Foggy front, but I heard that they are only
releasing 3 issues a year from now on, which is a big
shame. Its the only magazine that i've bought every issue.
Somewhat similar to Britains "Plan B magazine" but less
pretentious. Heres the first cd free with the first issue
contain a eclectic smörgåsbord for Irish acts.

01 The Tycho Brahe - Your House From Mine
02 Somadrone - Itchy Flaky Scalp
03 Stanly Super 800 - Rolled Up In Gold
04 Herv - No Love Lost
05 Connect4Orchestra - Chisel To The Hip
06 Estel - True Stories
07 Jimmy Behan - In Blue Space
08 Americhord - Robot House
09 The Last Sound - Daydream Buzz Park
10 The Waiting Room - Return My Rabbits
11 Woodstar - Time To Bleed (Acoustic)
12 Rollers/Sparkers - Quarrel
13 Spectac - Creating Undo
14 De Paramedics - Allready
15 Jape - Haunt Me
16 Dinah Brand - Nightlights
17 Giveamanakick - Ger Canning
18 Boa Morte - Maginot Line

To buy some of the back issues go
Myspace for info on incoming gigs they are putting on



Monday 17 March 2008

James Yorkston - St. Patricks Day (Duffy Ditties No.2)

Photo: Barry Semple
Let the photo above be a warning, don't mix trips and blue nun
together, even if the bottle of blue nun is free and it is St. Patrick's
day. Anywhos lesson learned from last year festivities, heres a James
Yorkston song for the day thats in it.
Be Safe out there.
St. Patricks Day Mp3

Friday 14 March 2008

Japan - Ghosts (Duffy's Ditties No.1)

Experimental pop music at its best . From the year of my birth,
"Ghost" was Japans biggest hit, but they still broke up a
couple of weeks after its release. Singer David Sylvian later
when on to to albums with Holger Czukay and Robert Fripp.
Check out the outstanding live vid below from Old Grey Whistle


Wednesday 12 March 2008

Liars - We No Longer Knew Who We Were EP (2002)

Out of print three track ep from back in 2002.
I've seen them four times in the last four
years and it looks like a fifth is on the
card as long as the show with Battles and
The Redneck Manifesto aint sold out yet.
Get your animal masks ready, I know I am.


Tuesday 11 March 2008

Stoat - Acunamanacana

stoat cover
Born out from the kelp heaps, Stoat have forged a noise which sounds
like the Pixies and Primus been molested by Tom Waits's Rain Dog pirates.
Here's a great single with a killer b-side also.

Of more free mp3 visit their .com site here.

Monday 10 March 2008

So Bad, It's Good

Thursday 6 March 2008

Re - Up of Jim O' Rourke - Happy Days Ep (1997)

The image below is from Harmony Korine's "Julien Donkey Boy". In that long shot, slow, down tuned acoustic guitar and hurdy gurdys drone out as if it's straight from Julien's troubled head, played superbly by the almost unrecognisable Ewen Bremner. The music is by Jim O'Rourke and its apart of this one track 47:34 minute ep.
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Monday 3 March 2008

Re -Up of Pascal's Country Sound Tribute To Porter Wagoner

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Photo: Marty Stuart

Here's a compilation I put together of some of his songs spanning his whole
career from his 1954 number 1 hit 'A Satisfied Mind' and it's b -side 'Itchin' For
My Baby' to his last single Committed To Parkview which Johnny Cash wrote
and wanted Porter to record it, so Cash gave a cassette to Marty Stuart (the
producer of the album Porter was making at the time back in 1981), but
Marty forgot to deliver the song to Porter, and only delivered it when he was
helping Porter choose songs for from Wagonmaster album. This year he gain
in popularity with that album and he even toured with the White

01 Committed To Parkview - Wagonmaster (2007)
02 The Rubber Room - The Rubber Room (1972)
03 The Cold Hard Facts Of Life - The Cold Hard Facts Of Life (1967)
04 Satan's River - Wagonmaster (2007)
05 Eat, Drink And Be Merry - The Essential Porter Wagoner (1997)
06 Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy - The Essential Porter Wagoner (1997)
07 Itchin' For My Baby - A Satisfied Mind 7" RCA Victor 20-6105 (1954)
08 Sorrow On The Rocks - The Essential Porter Wagoner (1997)
09 Sorrow Overtakes The Wine - The Carroll County Accident (1969)
10 Dark End of the Street (with Dolly Parton) - Just The Two Of Us (1968)
11 Family Bible w/ Willie Nelson - Unplugged (2002)
12 A Place To Hang My Hat - Wagonmaster (2007)
13 I'll Go Down Swingin' - The Thin Man From West Plains (1965)
14 Porter and Marty (Men With Broken Hearts/I Heard That Lonesome
Whilstle Blow) - Wagonmaster (2007)
15 A Satisfied Mind - A Satisfied Mind 7" RCA Victor 20-6105 (1954)
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Buy The Rubber Room

Porter Wayne Wagoner (August 12, 1927 – October 28, 2007)


Saturday 1 March 2008

Pascal's Country Sounds Presents: IXCHEL - 2track ( v7" no.1)


This is the first in a series of virtual 7" from band that I simply
love. First up is the wonderful IXCHEL. Two Dublin fellows, Timothy
Hurley (Quetzolcoatl / Bonecloud) and Barry Semple (Children Under Hoof).
Together their make experimental cinematic music comprising of field
records, soundscapey organs, rhythmic guitars underpined by metal
striking metal drums and drenched in ethereal vocals. "Clockwork Castles"
is probably my favourite track I've hear so far this year. Its euphoric,
its epic and it would make a great soundtrack to Howl's Moving Castle
intercut with the industrial scene in "Meiropolis". Well thats the kind
of imagery I get from this topnotch track anyways.
IXCHEL's Myspace
Buy IXCHEL's Debut Lp on Leaf Trail Records
Download IXCHEL - 2track

oh the cover is a photo Barry found on one of his regular skip diving